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Originally Posted by adamlau View Post

Since my initial review, I have:


  • Added a dedicated 20A circuit for audio
  • Installed a Shunyata SR-Z1 (20A) receptacle
  • Installed a SurgeX XS10 as an AC RF/EMI filter
  • Installed Shunyata Black Mamba-IC XLR (two pair)
  • Installed Shunyata Venom 3 (three cords)
  • Added an ADAM ARTist Sub (7)





The ARTist 3 now reveals a completely different sonic signature than what I had initially surmised. The addition of the ARTist Sub added expected range and body, yet its inclusion did little to control the forward mids. Notable has been the use of the Shunyata Black Mamba-IC as speaker cables.  Heavy-handed mid reverb has been absolutely tamed, bass has tightened up considerably, I am hearing layers in recordings I never heard before, particularly in the low-mid to mid-bass regions. Much closer now to what a neutral presentation should sound like.  Speakers can now go louder without distorting, amazing what cleaner power and better cabling can do. Placebo effect? Not this time around. Not with the cascade of improvements. Time for a few Real Traps to really set the course straight. Now my interest has really piqued on what a Shunyata Python IC +  KH 120 D combination would sound like...



I'm guessing that would be a killer combo. I've been using the KH 120 with a Grace m903 for the past few months and is has been amazing. Truly fantastic.

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How much money are we talking now for you setup adamlau? I've been wanting to do a near-field setup for my bedroom.

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The answer my friend is Beaucoup d'argent. Adamlau, How does that Shunyata XLR Black Mamba sound ? I will be receiving the A3X this Thursday to mate with my IMac. I may need an XLR cables for my TEAC UD-H01. I am thinking about the Kimber Hero XLR ( fits my budget) or use the XLR to RCA adaptors and keep my single ended Hero and Silver Streak. I'd like the Silver Streak from source to pre and the Hero from pre to amp. Congrats to your new purchase.
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on the Artist 5s which inputs have precedence between the RCAs, the USB, XLRs and the front mini jack?

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Are these still good value for money or are there better?

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still excellent at the price!

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