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Actually, I've heard about that... UM2 is more designed for monitoring.


Background for choosing this - First, I don't have to monitor vocals.. I'm playing the piano/synth, so more likely to listen to separated instruments, especially sharp bass and drum kick.

Second reason is.. 50% of usage would be for stage monitoring, the other half for just listening to music - mostly jazz.


I'm kind of sad finding this website after ordering. I could've had better idea comparing different models.

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Nice review :).


I just ordered blue Westone UM2 RC's from a fellow head-fi'er new for a killer price, and Im wondering if I should make a noob thread about these (if people are interested that is) because I have not seen very many unboxing/reviews/threads on the Westone UM2 RC's. 


If you are wondering what it looks like:


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I just posted my 1 day old UM2-RC's for sale.  Saw another person posted same thing at $270 (???) which is really high so my $185 is a great deal considering I have 20 minutes use on them.  See posting for more details, reasoning for selling....



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Hmmm I paid 238 USD for mine :) with 2 year warranty, NIB.


Wow what a price...You will no trouble selling those spyro! :)

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Same cable, same build quality. Very straightforward dual driver IEMs.
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Yeah as Spyro said they are the same.  This is something I don't know about, but my assumption would be that if you got the RC model (for UM2) you should be concerned if you will frequently be removing the cable and putting it back in.  Don't quote me on that, but that's usually how all electronics go.


As for the durability...I bought mine (W2) in November of 2011.  I have used them almost every day and they still work amazingly, the only thing that needs to be changed every now and then being the tips - same goes for any IEM though.  It is also worth noting that I worked at a ski resort this winter, and they still work the same even though I wore them while snowboarding almost every day.

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The UM2 has a heavier plastic for the housing but it sits in your ear and doesn't really need to be "bullitt proof."  The cables usually go first but gotta love a 2 year warranty.

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Shows you how tech advances, with the W4 having 2 more drivers but a smaller shell.

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The UM2 is being discounted heavily now, and I picked up a pair from Sweetwater ($169.00) after getting a notice of their December specials. They arrived today.

I don't really have anything to compare them to. The only other "in ears" I had were very cheap pairs.


These sound very nice, compared to my previous experience with in-ears, and they're comfortable. I like the Memory foam tips. They also package 8 pairs of extra tips with it.


Compared to my other new headphones--Grado RS1i--they're not as good, but it was a big step up from what I was using before.

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