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Headroom Airbag PERFECT for D-EJ01

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I purchased the Headroom Airbag a week ago to complement my Sony D-EJ01, Ety 4P, and my Porta Corda and I have to say that it is an awesome product.
It almost seems built for the D-EJ01. I hate gumstick batteries, so I've always had the issue of carrying the AA battery pack. With the Airbag, right in the pivot point between the main section and the front compartment, there is a perfect compartment to stick the AA battery pack (exact size!). Also, given the fact that the CD player is on a flap that can move up or down with no issues, you barely have to open the airbag to use the D-EJ01s slot-loading capabilities. I just drop my Ety 4Ps in the area in front of the CD Player.
In the neat front compartment, I can store 2 AA batteries for the CD Player on one side and 2 9V batteries on the other. In the center, I have a Porta Corda with 120 Ohm adapter (sounds remarkably like Ety 4P + 4P->4S adapter) right beside a Sony Universal Minidisc remote (can be purchased at minidisco, works perfectly with the D-EJ01). It almost feels like the airbag was built for this combo!
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yep...those bags are awfully neat. i've got a traveller bag that came with my cosmic and i don't know what i would do without it.
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I agree, Beni....it's the travler bag that makes the Cosmic portable for me. I take it everywhere now. I put the whole unit (all neatly tucked away in the traveler bag) into a small bookbag/backpack. My remote to the D-EJ01 and my Ety's come out of the side and I'm good to go. The backpack doesn't make me look like such a geek.

utdeep, I know you don't use the gumsticks, but if you ever do, a word of caution....don't insert them so that they bounce up and down on the internal "springy" contact. That contact will bend and not work over time. Insert them gently from a side position.

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Thanks Steven!
I actually bid on some new gumsticks due to the fact that I didn't think the airbag would hold the battery pack, but I'm going to promptly put them back up on eBay so I will never have this issue.
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