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Well, seeing as how Head Direct was willing to cover a superglued housing under warranty when cable issues occurred on another Head-Fier's RE0, I think that if something similar to this happens again, I may just break out the little bottle and a paper clip and self mend the issue. Assuming the cables remain in good enough condition to play music, I see no reason to send them back in immediately on an easily fixed housing knowing that they'll cover the IEMs if anything serious happens to them. Also, I'd like to ask your take on the Zeros. Are you enjoying the sound?

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last month my Zero's right earpiece also breaking apart, but then I superglued them and it is solid, no problem so far..


SQ wise, I'm loving this IEM... I take it on the bus & subway, the isolation is enough for me to hear the music's detail albeit the bass department sometimes unclear because of the bus engine roaring..

my other IEM is gaining dust in my "Audio Equipment Bag" tongue_smile.gif


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I also noticed the bass issue on buses, but I'd gotten used to it enough by the time I had to send them in that I was able to hear even relatively quiet bass lines while the bus rumbled at my seat. Outside of a rumbling environment, the bass quantity was absolutely perfect. A tiny bit lighter than I used to use but I loved it. It had just the perfect balance to my ears. I read a post by a Head-Fier who said they had relatively unrealistic tone, and I disagreed. I think the tone is very realistic especially with orchestral music. I listen to live music fairly often at Cordiner Hall at Whitman College and I hear much of the same through the Zeros. Minus some soundstage and just a little bit of separation.

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I agree. 

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So, I recently got my Zeros back and noticed an entirely new issue. My left ear doesn't hold the eartips very well compared to my right ear. They don't slip out entirely. Really, it doesn't seem like they slip out at all but the seal on them changes ever so slightly. It loses a little bit of pressure and so the left side ends up a bit louder than the right and it sounds really unbalanced because of this. So I bought a package of Sony Hybrids which seem to alleviate the balance issue. The only problem now is that I have almost no isolation. I'm using the medium sized as they're the most comfortable ones that actually fit. And the large pair creates the same problem that I've encountered with the stock tips.

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