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Is the drivers in HD535 same as those in HD565?

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I bought a second-hand HD565 whose sound goes to the right around 20%, But I really love the sound! Then when I was wondering whether I need to get the left driver changed, I saw a couple of HD535's drivers on ebay, do they fit HD565? Maybe I can fix my HD565 with them.

And the sound of my HD565 now is a bit on the right side, bass is a little better, but the main sound is on the right... And also I can hear some very low but noticeable buzz on the left when the bass is loud. According to this situation, is the left driver broken or maybe it's a bit loose?

And I can't remove the earpad on the left driver, it's all gone worn, I nearly tore up all the glue and I still can't get opened... Can I remove it in another way? I mean, despite I might totally damage the earpad...

What a bloody but lovely headphone I've bought...


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Though the 565 is an excellent headphone, with all those problems and the high cost of replacement parts from Sennheiser you might be best to consider a new model. I owned the 565 (and most other Sennheisers), and its nearest equivalent today would be the 595, now replaced but still very available. There's also the 598, but I believe that's a good bit brighter and probably unlike the 565.


That said, as a last resort you might try dismantling the 565. If you can get the back off, make sure the drivers are properly seated--that can sometimes cause an imbalance (and the buzz you mention).

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Thank you so much!
I listened carefully just now, the "buzz" on the left side is more like some electrical noise, not physical, it's like some kind of electrical touch. I've heard it before, perhaps it's in the radio, when the signal was not strong, but not the white noise.
And I found the thin sponge layer on the broken side went apart. Now there is a big hole in the sponge, which made the sound a bit "balanced" some how...
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these headphones are notorious for developing bad connections where the cable plugs into the cups. trying pressing on those connections and see if sound comes back to normal. if it does, take them out and clean the prongs with sandpaper. 

these old plugs are made of iron and will lose proper connection over time

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Thanks! I nearly forget about that! Thanks for mentioning that!

But I still don't know how to open it...

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Yes HD525,535,545,565 and 265 drivers all are 150 ohms and identical in every way I can see. HD580,600 and 650 drivers are the same shape and size wiith 300 ohm impedance. Th 650 drivers appear to be made from a different material.


I have extensive experience getting these apart and back together, contact me if you need help. If the housings and headband of your 565 are in good shape a pair of 650 drivers would serve you well.


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They are not identical, similar maybe and sound different.
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