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For Sale:
Fiio E7 & L7

Will Ship To: US

I am selling a Fiio E7.  I have had it for a while but it is in almost perfect condition. There are a few small marks on the front but no scratches.  I have all the original packaging and accessories except for the rubber band. There are two defects that were there when I got it. One of the headphone jacks goes in and out when pressure is applied . The other one does not have this issue. Also the input jack is a little crooked. It was like this when I bought it and was not caused from bending it. It was used 95% of the time as a DAC so it was never abused as a portable amp might be and rarely left the house.  Also included is a L7 which gives you access to the line out.


SOLD shipped and Paypaled. US only please. My ebay name is radiokingrecords if you are worried about lack of feedback.  Thanks for looking.

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