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Balanced Thunderpants

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Hey there, since it seems no one has really posted anything on the subject i thought I would start a thread, and hopefully add my impressions as soon as i get mine.


But basically, please tell if you tried it, how it sounded and what it did for the TPs compared to SE :)

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I have a pair of Thunderpants on order with Smeggy, and I've requested a balanced plug on it for my SR-71B. I think there will be some weeks before he can get to building my pair, but I am looking forward to experiencing them and comparing notes.

I haven't actually seen anybody else listening to the Thunderpants out of the SR-71B, and indeed any balanced amp.

Anybody out there?
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Right, just got my Thunderpants from Martin, and reterminated their pure silver cable to the Hirose plug that fits my iBasso PB2/DB2. Ridiculously good result! I must say though, I gotta get some better sealing pads (Using beyer pads at the moment). But very crisp and detailed, and extraordinarily airy and large soundstage for a closed can! 

Its everything i love about headphones in a nicely finished, closed, Cocobolo wood package :P

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 A thread is nothing without pics.

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Looking forward to reading your impressions on balanced Thunderpants through the SR-71B Thread.  

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I recently purchased a set of Thunderpants built by Smeggy. I cut the cable about 12" up from the 1/4" phone plug and re-terminated the ends with a set of matching Neutrik 4-pin XLR connectors. I now have the ability to use the phones either balanced or single-ended.

I am currently driving them balanced using the speaker taps from my Virtue Sensation with tube buffer. Sound is outstanding, with a full and expansive soundstage. I consider these to be right up there with the best phones that I have owned!
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