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For Sale or Trade: FS/FT: Thunderpants (Tamboti)

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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT: Thunderpants (Tamboti)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Got my dynamic headphone needs sorted out with LCD2 Rev1 and modded Etymotic ER4P (for rock), so I am considering to let go of the middle-phone. My Thunderpants is made in Tamboti and it's pretty unique. TP's design varied quite a bit across the time to adjust to Smeggy's taste.

I have owned two pairs, Tamboti and Ebony, I had sold off the Tamboti while waiting for the second, much later headphone, but I found myself missing the first one due to its prominent midrange and tighter balance. The Ebony one was more euphonic in the lower department and more spacious, but I found the midrange to be a bit lacking overall and I ended up selling it and repurchasing my former one.

I would think each design sounds differently, so I'll describe what this one sounds like: basically gradoish (in RS1 acception), simply much better at everything, in my opinion, after having heard the TP's side by side with RS1i at a shop.

They have very tight and deep bass, the mids are especially great for rock, vocals, live music, highs are smooth and resolving. General speed (= time resolution = details) is great without boosting the treble. Tone is just right without any kinds of inconsistencies, compared to rs1 (which for the record are some of the few cans I consider very pleasant, and much superior to ps1000) they have better balance and much better refinement and sense of instrument placement... soundstage is similarly small (trade-off for intimacy), and they sound more effortless and liquid than RS1 (also, I would think, because the latter is a dynamic can).

Each Thunderpants is unique.


I can also accept trades for:


- Ergo AMT

- Koss ESP950


Oh also, these Thunderpants have been built as openable to be tuned at listener's will.


Thanks for looking









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you maaay want to post a few pics.
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That's a beautiful finish! darthsmile.gif

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hey folks, Antonyfirst has been on here for a very long time, and has very, very discerning taste.  I would highly recommend him if you are on the fence about this. Very good guy, and great audiophile, too!


GLWTS Antony, etysmile.gif


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Thank you Matt!! :D

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