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I know Marty! It was one helluva effort that's for sure! Much thanks to you!


I linked up that post to your blog, hopefully you'll be a busy man for a long time to come!


Those look bloody sweet!! I'm assuming V4 magnums with CNC machined aluminum? How much do they weigh?


If you engraved a big X on each side, it wouldn't look out of place in an X-men movie!!

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On that note, my pair of FWJ is falling apart already and I haven't even used it that much, kind of disappointing.  Drivers falling out and the pins holding the right cup is falling out...

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could you upload some photos of the damage? Easier to assess whats wrong.

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I will when I get the chance, but the ones are in my profile photos here I think.

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yes we need to see the damage not the brand new finished product.

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On that note, my pair of FWJ is falling apart already and I haven't even used it that much, kind of disappointing.  Drivers falling out and the pins holding the right cup is falling out...

Sorry to hear that.  Yes, the true FWJ (the wood/metal gimbals built from scratch) require occasional maintenance.  If the driver is starting to get loose, there are several ways to handle it.  You can purchase a sheet of peel away foam from your local craft store and cut another strip and wrap it around the driver again, which may make them snug again with the fresh foam.  Otherwise you'd simply glue it into place with a few hot glue dots (my recommended method as it allows for you to peel the glue dots away if you need to access the driver) or use some form of more permanent glue.  


Same with the gimbal set screws.  Those particular set screws are a size that didn't match up any of the drill bits I had, so each hole required some grinding with a burr set.  It was tough to get them just right.  Perhaps that hole was alittle large.  I didn't glue them in place because I wanted to make sure the user is able to remove them if they needed.  If you want to make it permanent, I would very carefully remove the set screw and put a dab or two of super glue into the hole and then screw it back in.  However, it's difficult to line everything back up.  You could also try applying some clear super glue glue to the outer surface of the screw between the head and the wood to hold into place which is less invasive.  


Obviously with the new aluminum rodblocks/gimbals there is no maintenance needed except for maybe shining them up alittle.  


But again, sorry about that Grev, I'm sure that it's disappointing.  


Email me if you have any other questions.  This is the first I've heard of your issue.  

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I just ordered a pair of vintage SR325's with HP1000 drivers, which Martin will be using to make his first HP1000 woody. :)


I'll let you know how they sound once everything is done. I can't wait for the final result. :D

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Everytime I pick up my cocobolo 325i's, without fail, I admire how beautiful they are..


Still loving them, Martin.



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Originally Posted by sluker View Post

Did you need to turn sideways to fit through doors?


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Lots of beautiful stuff here!

I've made a post here I think might be of interest to some of you.



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Hey All,


I am commisioning Martin to build me a pair of magnums from the ground up & have a few questions:


I want to have detachable cables for the headphones & was wondering if i should go with XLR or 1/8". Are there any known difference in sound quality between the 2?


I've been seeing that the Magnum v5 is out but have not seen any reviews on them yet. Can anyone tell me if there are definite improvements to the v4?


I'm waiting for Martin to start on my headphones since I am in cue so this will help before he contacts me.



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Sent my DT880's off to him to get B&W Ebony cups!

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Here are my wood cups so farbiggrin.gif, thanks to MCA who sent me a in the making picture!


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I just "pushed the Paypal button" on a set of scratch built V5 Magnum Martin headphones in rosewood or cocobolo. This is my first set of custom headphones.


They are the end of an audio chain that starts with a Tecsun RP2100 am/fm/sw tuner plus passively coupled tuned antenna, running into a Little Dot MK III that has been re-tubed with Soviet mil-spec tubes. I have a medical grade 500 watt power conditioner between the dedicated GFCI wall outlet and the amp.


When listening to cd/vcd/dvd I use a VX portable dvd/vcd player. For listening to tv programs, I feed the amp from a Xitel Soundsurround box, as this improves the sound stage.


I'll post images of the whole setup after the cans arrive.

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