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Klipsch x10i

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I'm considering getting these, do you guys feel its worth its value?

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I've only ever owned the X10, and not the X10i, though the sound signature is one and the same of course. For me personally, there are far too many competitors within the X10's price range. As far as preferences are concerned however, I'd have no trouble believing they may be worth their value for other listeners. Considering their exceptionally small size, they do impress with the overall warm, full and thick sound which they produce.
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I have the X10i.. and Im really satisfied with it.. they r small and comfirtable and they do produce good sound.. on the other hand I do have a Westone 4 as well.. I could hear all the details with a neutral soundstage while the X10i has a sound stage which clarifies more onto more details.. so overall I would say the X10i Was good enough as well..


by the way where r u getting them from.. and how much?

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The X10i are great sounding IEMs but there are better sounding IEMs in $200 to $300 price range like EX600, GR07, HF5, RE272, SM3 and CK10.
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I bought mine second hand, here through the for sale section.

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They're great at $200 -- I wouldn't pay more than that.


I got mine for about $100 second hand. My favorite universal. Sound signature is great, the way I like it -- warm, laidback and bassy but with a definite mids emphasis. More importantly for me is the form factor and comfort level. Incredibly small, very comfy and disappears in my ears.


Drawbacks are the cheap build quality -- I hope it lasts -- and the sound could still be clearer and more detailed. But at the $200 I'm not expecting something to sound like the UM3X.


These are my go-to IEM for bringing around. Haven't found anything better yet. It's just so small and portable, they're always with me everywhere I go.

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yea i guess everyone is right.. i guess they are just worth around 200++ nothing more.. maybe 250 max.. but then again they are pretty good for that price.. nice grab grabbin a used set for 100 is there still warranty?

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Does anyone know if you can remove that annoying remote from the cable?

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