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RE0 v/s UE700

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Hello Everyone,


I have been a steady lurker for a long time now and I finally decided to join the head-fi community. I have an pair of Monster Turbines which have pretty much worn out and I am on the lookout for a new pair of IEMs as a replacement for my turbines and after a a lot of research(i.e reading up on past threads) I have zeroed in on RE0.

Just few days ago i bought 215s and didn't like their fit and cable AT ALL and decided promptly to return them.


I mainly listen to a lot of metal(heavy,death,melodic) , alt-rock, indie-rock and similar genres.


So I have almost my heart set out to buy the RE0 but since i read up on some more reviews even the UE700 look tempting. The instrument distinction, 3-d sound effect and good looks of UE700 seem worth the current price of $140(from amazon).

So based on my musical tastes please suggest should I stick to spending $79 on a pair of RE0s(Nu force 700x?) or maybe extend my budget a bit and get the UE700. Other suggestions are also welcome.

Also do you guys think REO/UE700 would be better/similar sounding than Turbines(I personally loved them alot) ?


Cheers !



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Coming from the Monster Turbine, the RE0 will probably disappoint you esp with your genres of emotional-style music you listen to.  The RE0 has a very flat, accurate response, wil bass that has very little impact.  You will be used to a much more colored sound in the Turbine, and while I haven't heard the UE700 before, from what I've read about it from others, it is probably much closer to the Turbine sound than the RE0 would be.  The RE0 is for people who want a very clean, detailed, even sound so they can listen in a more analytical approach -- it probably won't get your head banging with the music much!

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I suggest the Brainwavz M2 at $60 for an inexpensive IEM.  I have a pair and love them.  For the price they are the best IEM I have heard and are durable.  Throw a pair of Comply tips on them and you can wear them for hours with no discomfort.


The UE700 and REO both have build issues that kept me from investing in them.


I just reviewed the Sony MDR-EX600's which sound really nice and seem to built really well.  With Comply tips they were really nice.  They typically run $190 and are post some great graphs as well.


You may want to take a look at Fisher Audio's IEMs.


1.)  The DBA-02 which is arguably one of the best sub $200 IEM's out there.  They typically run $150


2.) The little brother to the DBA-02 is the SBA-01.  It is another great IEM for the price.

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You could try the atrio m5? Its pretty fun sounding.

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Get Brainwavz B2 ($109) or Rockit R-50 ($119). They're both based on the same architecture as the UE700 with much better sound through different tuning, from what I've read. The general sound signature is bass-lean but very clean, with strong detail and neutrality in the mids and highs. Perfect for rock, metal, vocal, indie, etc. where bass isn't any more of a role in the music than the other instruments.

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