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For Sale or Trade:
SOLD: Mapletree LR 1 Six I/O line router (RCA switch box)

Will Ship To: U.S.A

Mapletree LR1 was purchased in April 2011 but I did not end up using it because my source changed and I had enough inputs and outputs to my amp.  The LR1 looks great and if you need an easy way to cycle through multiple sources to your amp or DAC this is a great way to go.  There is no active isolation in the unit so turn off or mute your unused sources or there will be a little bit of bleed over into the other channels.  There are cheaper alternatives for RCA switch boxes but the Mapletree adds a dimension of aesthetics to your gear.


Configuration = 4 inputs + 2 outputs


Dimensions = 8.5 inches (width) x 3 inches (height) x 6 inches (length)


I am the original owner.  Paid $190.00 ($160 for LR-1 + $30 shipping).  You pay $150 (includes USPS priority), you save $40 and the time it takes to get a new one from Canada.   Price firm, not willing to take a huge hit on this item.   Will trade for iPhone LOD of equivalent worth.


LR-1 1.jpgLR-1 2.jpg

LR-1 3.jpgLR-1 4.jpg

LR-1 5.jpg



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