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Some pics of sexy vintage CD players

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which one you like?


JVC XL-P70.jpg


JVC XL-P70——2.jpg


JVC XL-P90.jpg

JVC XL-R10.jpg

JVC XL-R10_2.jpg

kenwood DPC-80.jpg


KENWOOD DPC-82-2.jpg



KENWOOD DPC-82-3.jpg















Sony CD 隨身聽四大天王.jpg


SONY D311.jpg


SONY D-E01.jpg


SONY DJ50.jpg















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Do you just want portables in this thread?

Those are pretty cool - I especially like the Philips player that's squares on squares.

But how about some cool desktop players? I'm on the phone and can't post pics, but my favorite is the original Rega Planet with "barbecue" case. Cast aluminum and still very sexy. One of my favorites and it still sounds great. Sooner or later, I've got to drop fresh caps into its power supply. I want it to keep going for a long time.
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Yeah! Rega Planet is sexy! Looks like a portable.

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Wow, the pictures are gorgeous!


What model is the Technics player right underneath the Panasonic SL-S 700?? I´ve never seen it before! And the third JVC is a timeless beauty.

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The player underneath the s700 is a XPS900, the third JVC is a XL-P9.


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Originally Posted by kaosun View Post

The player underneath the s700 is a XPS900, the third JVC is a XL-P9.


Ah, so THAT is the XP-S 900! I´ve read about it but never actually seen it. Looks fantastic.


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Cool pics, of the ones pictured I like the Philips AZ6819 which I also currently own. The Sony D-JE01, D-J50, and D-311 are also great vintage pcdps. I need to pull them out of storage someday and give them listen as it's been a while.

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Some very nice players you posted. My favorite would be that XL-P9 that you posted. What a great simple design.


I had this player near the end of portable CD players. Thought it was the coolest thing ever, but didn't sound the best. The antiskip could not be turned off and the memory buffer was small so the sound was very compressed. It still brought me many hours of listening enjoyment though back in the day.


Panasonic Panasonic SL-CT780


Pansonic CT 790

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Nice pic!

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Just a quick sidemark: I´ve just received a Sony D-220 I´ve won two days ago. It is in almost pristine condition and functions extremely well. While it may not be one of the more famous portables and it certainly wasn´t one of their highest entries I´m still surprised how good it sounds! It is extremely charming in the most positive way, I thought it would be much worse. The highs are beautiful, the mids are smooth and the bass is huge (maybe a tad to soft) but I´m listening with a Koss Porta Pro right now. I still have to hear its line-out and with more headphones. But so far it really has been a pleasant surprise. Jumping from track to track is extremely fast and easy, it starts up very fast so I guess the drive, motor and laser are still ok.


There´s just this annoying tracking noise during the music through the headphone out. But it´s not broken, I now remember why I bid on this in the first place: a friend of mine had it in 1993 and I remember that noise from back then. I´ll make some pictures if you guys are interested.


Gosh, I have a new hobby: collecting vintage PCDP!

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I have a Sony D-9 thats been sitting in its original box in my closet for the past 25 years.... Do you think its worth anything? 


and now I'm kicking myself for throwing away a tower of 6 of those tray load NEC CD drives...

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I think maybe you got a D220 with DBB?

I ever had a D223 carrying with DBB, sounds great.

Looking forward to your pics!

I have all commom top model PCDPs.

It just like you have a  group of wives, you can choose anyone you like to accompany with you!

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D9 is an example of entry-level SONY vintage player.

It has classic design and huge earphone output althoght it has severe capacitors' issue.

It has a satisfied sound when turning on the EQ.

It's suitable to be your musicbox besides your pillow.

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