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For Sale: FS: Custom Grado RS2i

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For Sale:
FS: Custom Grado RS2i

Will Ship To: CONUS

I purchased these new approximately 2 years ago. Recently I was tired of looking at the poor finish quality and decided to refinish the cups. These were meticulously disassembled with no damage to the cups or the drivers. The cups were sanded down to raw wood, then 25 individual coats of polyurethane was applied with sanding in between. The result is a super smooth set of RS2i's. The screens were also removed, paint stripped and repainted with gloss black enamel. (the factory screen paint was flaking, typical of factory Grados) 


These are super clean looking and very very smooth to the touch.


I made sure to leave the SN# in tact so that there is no debate that these are REAL Grado RS2i's. 


The cable was modified, as I did to all my other Grado's if you've seen my posts in the Grado Mod thread. The cable in my tutorial is the actual cable attached to these RS2i's


The drivers are fit back into the cups without glue so you can use something like a paperclip to push the drivers back out easily if you wish to recable at a later date.


The original box with matching SN# is included.


PayPal preferred, Gift APPRECIATED. CONUS only, no trades.

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I've created a brief synopsis of how I opened up the cups, I appreciate all the praise and questions... would appreciate if someone would buy these as well biggrin.gif

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