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Sony XB 1000 or Ultrasone PRO 900 ??

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I am very interested in these two cans with plenty of base which I like.

What's the main difference between these (in bass, treble, highs). Is PRO 900 worth the extra cash?

I'm now using the portable amplifier FiiO E11 with a nice bass-boost with my Bose QC15 which doesn't has that much base but quite good clearness (but not for the money I spent on them)


So which headphone should I buy (the owners of XB 1000 and PRO 900) 


Thank you!  L3000.gif

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Now, don't take my word as the definitive truth, since I could only audition these for a couple minutes each.


In my experience, I found that the PRO900 has AWESOME impact. Something that goes well with D'n'B, or Dance. The XB1000, had lot's of mid-bass, so it was more..."floaty"? Hard to explain, but I think the correct term is the bass decay(?) is slightly longer on the XB1000 than the PRO900. It also felt the 900 had more bass in general, as well as very detailed high's. If you have read around though, you can see lot's of people saying the highs are shrill, piercing, etc. I guess I'm just immune to sibilance.

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Sony XB500 are better, I sold my HFI-780 in preference of them. The Pro900 is has less bass than the XB500 but resolves detail better as a result of this, Sony XBs are all about the bass and they do it well. Fiio will be fine for the Sony but a desktop amp would be a better fit for the Pro900s, I would also invest in a better source too.

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But I don't just want bass, I also want some details in my music and with brilliant highs, then is the PRO:s my man? 


I don't have afford to buy a new amplifier, but do the FiiO E11 work with Ultrasone PRO 900

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The E11 will work with the Pro900, heck they would work with the Sennheiser HD800s, the thing is you're not getting the most out of the Pro900 and it would be a bit of a waste to spend so much. The HFI-780 would likely sound better on the E11, they're easier to drive and have good highs and lows.

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Which amplifier would sound best to the PRO 900 for the price?

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The difference in bass between the XB's and the 900 is like a car subwoofer to a tower speakers 12" respectively. The XB's are like boo-oo-ooo-o and the 900 are like duoo. Not saying that one is better than the other it just depends if you want clear punchy bass or more booomy bass. You could probably get the 900 and then the XB500 for only $~50 just to get a feel for it see if you like it. And the XB1000 aren't that much better than the XB500.
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I've already seen that, but I want more opinions.

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I would also like more opinions!!!!  biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by cartom View Post

I've already seen that, but I want more opinions.


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I vote Pro900. The XB1000 didn't offer a significant improvement over the XB700/500 in my opinion. (I had all 3 at the same time)

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I tried the xb500 yesterday and they sounded awesome. But my ears and head heaurt a little after. I suppose that was high sibilance?
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