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Need help to choose a headphone.

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This is my first thread and I'm new here =D As shown above, I'm finding a new headphone (portable or full size) to replace my Shure SRH440... Reasons is that the SRH440's pad is not suitable in my country (too hot that makes me sweat after a few hours) and sometimes my ears will touch the drivers (Was thinking to change the pads for a SRH840 pads, any comments?). BY the way, hate the placticky sound produced by the SRH440 when I tilt my head abit or clench my jaws. Straight to the point, comfortable and kinda all rounder headphones is best.


I listen to Jpop music (mostly), jazz, some soundstage ones (live concert) and baroque. Will use it to watch movie too. Open or closed headphones is alright to me. Want a can which provides good soundstage, female vocal representation and separation of instrument is best.Price range is about the same as the headphones i listed. And I do hope the padding is not the same as the SRH 440.


Currently looking into these cans:

- Sennheiser HD 595

- Sennheiser HD 598

-Sennheiser HD 555

- ATH M50

- ATH AD 700

- ATH AD 900

- Shure SRH 840

- Shure SRH 940

- AKG K240

- AKG K601

- Beyers DT 770 pro

- Beyers DT880

- Beyers DT250 


Any opinions or suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks! atsmile.gif

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Easy pickings for you ~ It's between the Shure 940 and Sennheiser 598, one closed, one open.


Up to you, either will work well for what you require.


AKG K601 is a good headphone but it requires serious amping to overtake those two

above, even then it's mainly the big, wide soundstage that makes them unique.

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 I think I would go 598 :)

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Hmm considering it (hd598) and too worried about the cracking problems. Read in the forums that it is only for the first batch in the US. No idea about the ones sold in my country. (need to check it seriously then!)  Anyone had any experience in the cracking problems for the new batch ones? Thanks for the suggestions guys. Cheers!

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The cracking has been fixed now and Sennheiser will replace any cracked pair of 598s

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