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New ALO balance amp-MKIII at RMAF - Page 6

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I'm pretty much down for a preorder when it drops, myself.
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Originally Posted by thread View Post

I'm pretty much down for a preorder when it drops, myself.



Am itching to configure another portable setup and am impatiently waiting on this... the DX100... the balanced CLAS.. LCD4... 

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any updates on a release date?

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Originally Posted by speedingredline View Post

any updates on a release date?



Ive had to buy a D-0 to get me by until this is released as Ive sold my RSA71 in anticipation.


C'mon Ken work with us here.. Give us an ETA?





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UPDATE: 01/17/2012


Emailed ALO for a status update on the Rx MKIII and received these messages from Caleb - posted below with his permission.



We are in the final revision of the Rx MKIII.  We've made several improvements to the units performance recently and are really excited about its up-coming release.  I would expect to see the unit out in the next month or two if every thing goes smoothly.  We can let you know when it come out if you'd like, just let us know. Of course I'm sure we'll be making a big announcement on Headfi as well, so you can stay tuned for that as well. 
You're welcome to post my reply no problem. I think we will have an email list an product page set-up this week, so people can be notified as soon as we release it.  But we'll be sure to post on HeadFi when we do. 


Get ready to add your email address to the ALO notification list when it appears!



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I also sent an email to Ken about a week or week and a half ago and he said that that they were looking like Feb at the time.  As my folks used to say....All good things come to those who wait.  I am hanging out but excitedly so.



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I couldn't agree more, as I'm sure that the forthcoming Rx MKIII will set a new benchmark in portable amps.



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Spec, is there any spec that can be announce prior to the actual release?
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Hey Jalo,


No sorry not yet. We are focusing everything on getting the Mk3 into production. 


Delays were refinements to the existing design rather than later do in stream revisions. 





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I was wondering where you guys were at with this thing - thought it might have something to do with the world closing down till after CNY. I know you are in the US, but manufacturing just seems to grind to a halt till after New Year - I guess its a parts thing. 

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Hey Estreeter


No the mk3 is 100% made in the USA, not a CNY waiting on something. 





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Thanks Ken. How close are we to a release on this?  I am hanging out to give you some money!  :-)

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+1 Ken.  How long?  It's burning a hole in my  pocket! Hurry!  Hurry!

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I know its really killing me also, believe me this has been my number one priority for a long time now. I am shooting for end of Feb / or March.


Thank you all for your patience.



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Do you have any additional details that you can share or some additional pictures that we can lust/drool over whilst waiting through the next month?


I am loving the CLAS/Rx2 combo so much.  Thanks for helping to create such an awesome portable rig.  I can remember into my earlier days of Headfi and thinking to myself why would anyone spend so much money on a portable rig that is half the size of a house brick.  Now I find myself using my portable rig so much because the bass has so much depth and texture to it that it makes me notice different aspects of my music.  This rig is not at all outclassed by my home rig except in perhaps air and spaciousness.  But it is probably a bit unfair to think that a JH16 iem can compare in this regard to a Hifiman HE6 open can.  An awesome job to even bring a portable rig into the same performance realm.  Many thanks Ken.

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