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New ALO balance amp-MKIII at RMAF - Page 17

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Originally Posted by Room40 View Post

AnakChan.. link needs fixing... think its the bracket at the end



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Anywhere in Tokyo where I can audition this? I've the Continental already and interested to hear the difference. Running unbalanced though. Will be in Tokyo on Thursday. Would Yodobashi Akiba be carrying this?

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Good question. I don't think the shops have them yet. Would be happy to do a meet if you want to listen to mine. PM me.

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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post

Good question. I don't think the shops have them yet. Would be happy to do a meet if you want to listen to mine. PM me.

Where did you get yours? Do you have a chance to listen to the Continental? If you have, how would you describe its difference to the RX MK3?


So little  reviews on this. I'm probably jumping the gun too early coz it's barely just released. 

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4 days later and I'm holding the RX MK3 in my hands right now. Fantastic little portable amp!

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Originally Posted by Stringfellow View Post

4 days later and I'm holding the RX MK3 in my hands right now. Fantastic little portable amp!

Excellent!! Please do feel free to share your opinions in the RxMk3 Impressions thread! Would love to hear more about your impressions there :D.

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Originally Posted by Anaxilus View Post

Some thoughts from another thread:



Nice take on all this and thank you for your post as well as candor. I can appreciate your disdain for the price tag of the MK3, its is a lot of money. I wish I could disclose more to you in terms of the cost in making the Mk3, If I could you would totally understand where I am coming from. I can assure you the up front expense in engineering, and making the amp not to mention huge risks in doing so totally justify the final retail price. The Mk3 took us 2 years to make and was the single most difficult thing I have done in this business. The Mk3 is not a "gouge" is all I am tying to say. The MK3 is not going to be for everyone, I totally understand this. Our prices are what they are, justify us staying in business and consumers have total free will do buy or not to buy based on what they value or not. ALO puts a lot of heart and soul into the stuff we make. Everyone in my shop, from the shipping person, billing, manger, down to the soldering people are into music and headphones just like everyone here on head-fi. I love portable headphone amps and it was somewhat of a double down moment for me personally to make the Mk3 something very cool, almost as something I would personally wish for. I really did not think of it as a "product" rather something that I want to use personally, if that was the bar then I know that the amp would be in the right place. In the end we feel that the amp is in the right place and does deliver as well as fully justify the cost.


Anyhow sorry for the tangent and again thanks for the post and your comments.



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Originally Posted by KB View Post


Thanks for the followup Ken.  I appreciate your taking in my honest opinion on these matters.  I tend to be very critical and not everyone likes to hear what I have to say, especially manufacturers.  I'm definitely gaining more and more respect for you and the your company's efforts as time goes by.  I'm grateful you have an open ear to your customers.  Price is always a controversial topic.  I have no idea what it cost to produce and develop.  I tend to have a skeptical consumer eye towards recent trends but your explanation is perfectly valid.  The fact is, it;s the best portable amp I've heard so far so that really the end of it.  Regardless, IMHO, your team definitely hit it out of the park so Kudos to you guys.  I'm a hard sell and you sold me.  'Nuff said.


Keep up the good work.      

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Just about every time that I listen to the RX3 I find myself being impressed by it.  One thing that I am noticing is the extension of the bass frequencies and the depth of voices.  The RX3 is lifting my JH16 to another level again.  My biggest problem now is that I am at risk of getting carried away with being in the moment... and cranking up the volume.  :-)

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Thank you so much for the looks, and keep keeping us honest!



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Got a chance to hear it when Alex @ Audeze handed it to me at T.H.E SHOW. You guys shouldn't even bother asking if it sounds better than your X or Y portable. This amp is comparable to a mid-fi desktop amp. And a good mid-fi desktop amp. And I haven't heard many good mid-fi desktop amps either. Worked well with the headphones we threw at it: LCD3, LCD2, and HD800. It has a very high level of refinement, great blackground, and low level information retrieval found on the big boys.


Not quite a portable in the pocket sense. But will work as a "heavy" portable. Expensive, but hey, throw me a desktop amp around the same price and I'll be willing to tell you if it sounds better than this one.

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