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New ALO balance amp-MKIII at RMAF - Page 9

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Is it the 28th there yet???  :-)


Nothing on the ALO site yet.  Dohh

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For them, today is just 27/2/2012... My 29 is their 28. >.<

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Just checked the ALO website and there's still no update. The suspense is killing me.



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Yes.  Even the Spring catalogue is not there.  I hope they meant 28th of this year....  :-)


The suspense is killing me also. 

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Me too... i am keen to purchase either Rx MK3 or RSA SR 71-B...


Guys, which is the best for LCD2r2?

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I think you might have to wait till they ship. The only Rx Mk3's heard outside ALO as fas as I know have been pre-production models.

I'll be using the Rx Mk3 and SR-71B with my LCD2r2 & JH13, so maybe I'll eventually have some thoughts to share on the matter.
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From their twitter this morning:

@ALOaudio: OK. We ran into a couple of speed bumps... the Spring Catalog will be out tomorrow for sure.
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Patiently waiting..

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Got the new catalog via email. The Mk3 is the first product listed, but no estimated shipping/sales date. Ken? Anyone? Also, will there be any updates to the CLAS this year?

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/face palm

Thought it was being released today....
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Can not wait to put this in the line up. I am currently using the SR71-B. Although it is a great little box. I have found KB's sound signature to be a little more musical and warmer. Every little bit helps in a portable set up. I use the LCD3 (Q Audio cable) CLAS>Boomslang2>SR71b and AOL interconnects. I am looking forward to the RX3. I loved my RX2 and only switched it out to go balanced which I thought was a huge step forward in soundstage and depth. I have been counting the days since it was first mentioned in these forums.
Ken bring it on my wallet is open smily_headphones1.gif
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It says spring 2012. That is anywhere in the next three months. The knobs still look quite long.   Can't wait to hear this beast

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The Mk3 is in the order pages of ALO Audio HomePage. But stated with "Out of Stock"

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Perchance that mister Ball is teasing us and building anticipation in the nicest possible way?



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Does anyone know if and how the RX3 converts a single ended input signal to be able to power balanced cans?

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