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Jude's music preference is similar to mine.
And after reading his preview on the LCD-3, im ready to change my order from LCD2 to LCD3.

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Sorry for spoiling the fun, but how is it possible that the company already upgrade 2x times the same model in just couple of years??? Or its like, here is our USD1k sh..y one, but if you spew out another grand, you will get top notch one.


Just wonder how long is going to take when they will be announcing mkIV...

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Originally Posted by matthewhypolite View Post

Jude's music preference is similar to mine.And after reading his preview on the LCD-3, im ready to change my order from LCD2 to LCD3.

I think that is a very smart decision.  If you buy the LCD2 now, I can guaranty you that for the next little while all you will hear is LCD3 and then you will feel bad and wanting to upgrade.


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THAT^^ is EXACTLY what im trying to avoid. I've placed my order a while now, seems fortune that headroom didnt have stock.
Now i have d chance to put the extra 1000$ and just go lcd3 :)

I would have cried, getting the lcd2 and 2 weeks later, lcd3 is all the rave.

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Another option is get the 2 now and save up for the upcoming 4.

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^^ Indeed, i was thinking about that option.

Or .. get the 3 now and save for the 5 :)

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Originally Posted by Blackmore View Post

Sorry for spoiling the fun, but how is it possible that the company already upgrade 2x times the same model in just couple of years??? Or its like, here is our USD1k sh..y one, but if you spew out another grand, you will get top notch one.


Just wonder how long is going to take when they will be announcing mkIV...

To be fair, I first heard the LCD-2 at RMAF 2009, and it's now RMAF 2011. It has been 2 years since the LCD-2 was first debuted, and almost a year and a half since it was officially released. I don't think of that as an unfair upgrade schedule at all, and, at $1,000 more than the LCD-2, it's not just meant to cannibalize LCD-2 sales and leave LCD-2 owners in the dust. They spent 2 years figuring out a way to take their headphone to the next level and released it once they got it there. I heard the LCD-3 this weekend, and it's awesome (dear lord, that BASS), but I'm still sitting here happily enjoying my LCD-2.


But hey - those of you who are on the fence, I don't think you'll have to wait long to hear one. As soon as it is released, I guarantee that there will be enough early adopters that one or two will show up at a meet near you and you can decide for yourself.

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PMD technology is also rapidly evolving as the diaphragm material gets lighter and thinner and their manufacturability also.


So it is a race to have a product in the market first, not cheap, coming up with a manufacturing way takes time and money.

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Originally Posted by sachu View Post

From what i am hearing from a very close friend of mine whose tastes mirror my own, the LCD-3 might just be the ticket for me. Haven't bought a headphone in over a year and half..this might just swing it for me.


Apparently, the LCD-3 and Liquid Fire combo is just the bees knees!

Bees knees, that was what I was thinking also with the Liquid Fire and the LCD-3. Now that I have these very high end Siemens CCa in my Liquid Fire the impact with the bass is so very good with my HE6's, I don't think I will need to use my Crownson Shadow Stereo Motion System anymore. Right now its boarder line using my HE6's and Crownson, if what is said about the bass in LCD-3's is true then I will sell my Crownson system.

Then with my Realiser (HDMI) and PRIR from AIX sound studio and there huge SW and great room acoustics and added sound-stage (3D), my Blu Ray movies and MC audio should knock me out of my chair. 

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The LCD-2s are endlessly kickass with a B22.  I can only imagine that my B22 will do a great job with my LCD-3s.

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I know people are feeling cheated by the LCD rev 1 / rev 2 now LCD3 release. I had a chance to chat to Alex and Sankar and the way I understand it, the rev 2 was an unplanned ( forced ) driver change. They would have let it fly unchanged but felt they owed it to their customers to notify / identify the point at which the change occurred. The LCD2 rev2 was not voiced differently etc it was purely an unfortunate change of process which by report, happened to sound better. The LCD3 however is an entirely new driver , different materials, different trace design etc. It may look similar but it is a very different headphone. I commented in the RMAF thread  -  considering show circumstances etc , these things have everything going for them. The new soft pads with what felt like memory foam are very comfortable..dB

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The very reason I am still keeping the Hd800 was the better high, soundstage and comfort.. Seems like LCD-3 has all that and an even better bass than LCD-2..I will go for it base on the initial rave review so far from highly respected members here.. from skylab, Jalo, jude et al...and many others.. I doubt they are pulling my leg.. Will order in advance when available .. and if I don't like it, I doubt it will be the case... I can still sell it for 10% less and it will be gone in 1 day at the used forum... Its all about fun.


I will be selling HD800 as soon as I got LCD-3. Can't wait..and life is too short to be on waiting list for months of back order.





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I second these statements. The audio chain is as follow:  source>transducer>amp. If you have a high quality tube pre-amp feeding the headphone amp; let me say magic happens. The best I have heard the HE-6 is my Esoteric X-03SE > BAT 51SE > Pass Lab First Watt all balanced with WireWorld cabling.


Enjoy music!

Originally Posted by kiertijai View Post

But let me tell you, I enjoyed the 009/WES tremendously, you should try to hear it.

   I heard that combo before at the First Thai Canjoin meeting , we compared the HE90, O2mkI and later  when we get SR009

We still think HE90 is the king,  SR009 is better than O2 but there is some controversial between O2 and SR009.  We haven't

compared those to the SR Omega yet.  But we will in the near future.

   That's what i exepected about the combo of 009/WES.  However with 727A modded, BHSE and recently we have DIY T2

all these later mentioned amplifier make the SR009 in a bright tone, too much transparency, clarity and over the edge bright.

I cannot listen for long time.   I don't have the WES but it seems to use the tubes that is similar to the Electra of Eddie current.com

I own Balancing act of Eddiecurrent.com which has full warm sweet sound while the dynamic and extension are first class.  It's also

have preamplifier function and when I connected the modded 727A with medium gradem interconnects  I found out the the sound signature of the

Balancing Act correct the pitfall of the SR009 which makes it almost the perfect one.  Previously I have no doubt the HE90 or SR Omega

is better than the SR009,  With the use of tube preamplifier it is the game changer and that suite SR009 or O2mkII very well.  Now I also

don't find much difference between those phone but IMO I will prefer HE90 and SR009 now by split hair.  If you have good tube preamplifier

please try that with SR009 and Stax amplifier.

     What  I am trying to say about the LCD2 is that I found that its performance is underrated,  I have used the BA in fully balanced set up

with the LCD2 rev1   with some tube rolling  it became much better so even if I own re2 I rarely pick for use.  So what I am thinking is that

should I spend another 2000$ for LCD3 when all the improvement that you mentioned has already been corrected by the use of appropriate

setup,source etc.   Please try to listen LCD3 vs LCD2 in proper set usp with BA 300B fully balanced , use WE300B as power tube, tube rolling

of the 6SN7's and to my guess you will get almost the same result and you may like the LCD2 rev1 more because of its unique mid.  That's only

my feeling and it has not been proved yet.  That's the reason why I cancel the preorder of LCD3.


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“A completely re-designed planar transducer with the all-new LOTUS diaphragm.”
I would sure like to hear some elaboration regarding this re-design, as well what LOTUS means, is it an acronym for something or what.
As far as the new cable connectors go they do look nice, but I am not a fan of the more extreme forward angle as my LCD-2 amplifier is situated behind me.
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Yeah, tube rolling will get you there much cheaper. For the cost of a tube you can get better bass ( in my system- 12BH7A)  by generally using a TungSol, sweeter detailed sound - the RCA, neutral and sweet with lot of air and detail-CBS/Hytron, extra detail and separation- the Sylvania. And if I want a forward midrange with lot of prat and lush sound with a wider soundstage -the Tungstram E80CC.

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