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Originally Posted by AiDee View Post

GG, IIRC from the LCD2 thread Skylab skipped the rev2. He's probably quite pleased he did that now, if he decides the '3 is worth buying.

YUP L3000.gif


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OK thank you for the info. smily_headphones1.gif

Looking forward to your review, Skylab! :P
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Sky, when you compare the LCD3 to LCD2 v1, could you address whether the difference between the two represent just a different flavor of two great phones, or is LCD3 is a better phone in terms of various sound attribute represents an improvement over the LCD2 v1?  Kind of like the R10 bass heavy vs bass light dilemma.  Since the material that makes the driver of the LCD2 v1 is no longer available, the LCD2 v1 does have the potential to become a classic if somebody wants that kind of a sound.  I heard the LCD3 in three separate auditions at RMAF so I know it is different enough from the V1.  I do like your take on whether whether they are both great just with different flavors or one is an improvement over the other.  I guess you always can have some off both depending on your tastes.  But if the V1 can be have the potential to be a great can, then I may not want to sell V1 for LCD3.  Who knows someday the V1 may worth $6,000.00 right?  L3000.gif  My preorder is in.

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You skipped the rev.2? And proud of it. Shame on you...

Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

YUP L3000.gif


Oh man. That's bad .. bad .. to .. my wallet .. need to ... crawl ... back to my ... chair.


Your wish is my command



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Looking forward to Skylab's review like everyone else. It's a shame there won't be a direct comparison to the rev.2 from Skylab though. If I recall correctly, I believe Jude described improvements in the rev.2 (according to his preferences) over the rev.1. It'd be interesting to read how the LCD-3 further distinguishes itself from the rev.2.


Also, LOL at the image post from Skylab. It was like a loaded gun waiting for unsuspecting victims.

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Skylab, any word on when we can expect your review posted?

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You do not need to. Here's an early guessed summary of the review:


- The LCD.3 sound quite amazing. The bass is soo deep. The vocals are the HPs strongest point. The highs are there but not protruded. The comfort is like rev. 1 and rev. 2. The headband skin is provoking my thin haired head. The soundstage is better than rev. 1 and rev. 2. (This is because it plays a tad more "brigther" than rev. 1 / rev. 2).


If you have the right amplifier, I must recommend the LCD-3. It is hard to get a HP that present better realism for 2K.


The SR-009 and the 007 .. blah ... blah ... HD800 ... blah ... LCD-2 ... blah ... Nice. :)


Or, similar...


Blah. Just give me the option to buy the LCD-3 now straight away. 

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^^ lol, actually i'd love to read , how they fare against R10.



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I will of course compare to the rev1 LCD-2 and the R10 as requested.  


As for when the review will be posted, well, please consider that I just got them today and I make my comparisons level matched with an SPL meter, and I like to really get to know the headphone well.  So I would say I will try to have at least a significant portion of the review up in a week.

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1 week? I would be disappointed if a review was released before mid November. Too premature. Take your time, Rob.


You will be exposed to days where the LCD-3 sounds awful and days where they shine. A HP, mood and different music takes you places. You would know.


Look forward to the "You gotta buy the LCD-3 recommandation" already. biggrin.gif




What's the point in all this? I'll tell you. If Rob can bypass all the obvious stuff, the LCD-3 will indeed be a winner. I bet they will... Remember Skylab (aka "Rob") is just a person. A human being. He can make mistakes. He may be tricked by placebo. He can be honest. He can be fair. He can be empowered and influenced by a bad "ear-day". He can be balanced. He can ... and so forth. 



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Loevhagen you are priceless!


I was going to post similarly - the Rob take your time bit I mean.


I don't think we should presume a recommendation :-P. I look forward to a careful evaluation of strengths and weaknesses versus other 'phones and in relation to various amp options that, as usual with Rob, will allow us to say "yes that's what I'm looking for" or "no, that's not what I want at all".


Together with other decision-making information of course wink_face.gif

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What I will be doing is attempting to describe its sound and how I hear that sound differing from other headphones.  I don't think my reviews have ever said "you gotta buy this". On occasion they have said that I myself bought the thing under review.  But I never presume to know how to spend other peoples money.  


I find headphones easier to review than amps.  Headphones have much more obvious sonic characteristics.  Amps require much more work to properly evaluate.


And my opinion, is, as always, only my opinion.  Your mileage both can and will vary. 

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Brief impression with the Stepdance as well! biggrin.gif thanks! I'm wondering how the 3s fare as portable.
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Don't forget to wear the T-shirt at the same time, I am sure there is synergy in this ;-) ..dB

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I'm just pulling your leg, Skylab / Rob. Besides, according to my local time (for the record that is 03:15 AM) I'm allowed to be a bit happy on Jack D.. At least I'm honest. Sorry. It won't happen again. Being honest, that is... ;) See you all tomorrow. :)

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