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Fluke 97 Comments? Anyone familiar with this older scope meter?

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I ran across what might be a decent deal on a Fluke 97.  It is north of 10 years old, barely used, $500.  I really have no immediate use for this, but it is kinda cool.  Ebay has (well) used items around $400 +/-. Reconditioned runs $600 to $1500.


So, comments on the price, and even better, comments on the unit itself, how good is (was) the Fluke 97, how does the value compare to a bench o-Scope, etc.

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A quick weekend bump to see if anyone is familiar with this scope meter, strong points, weak points, worth buying @ $350 to $500.  Looks like used is around $350 to $400, refurb $600 on up to $1300.  New batter and barely used might stretch and make it worth $500. though I doubt it's been calibrated (or used) in 10 years...

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With any scope, you should make sure you account for probes. If the unit in question is not supplied with them, then you are off shopping again. I know nothing about the 97, but the 289 I had eat batteries like they were free. An external power supply or battery charger could be in the picture. As with anything on ebay, it's a roll of the dice as to the actual quality of the product you are purchasing. I've had some fairly good luck. Some things work like new, and others work, but need some reconditioning or calibration. 


I think the 97 would make a good small learning tool to become more familiar with how circuits work, in a visual way. I know absolutely nothing about it's reliability or accuracy though. 


Maybe something like the Nano DSO could be a cheaper learning alternative.



There's also a kit for the iphone ipad itouch....




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@digger945 - Thank you for your comments.  The Fluke 97 came up as an offer from an office mate.  Great condition, perhaps a bit overpriced at $500.  It looks like there might be more viable options out there for the same money.


If no one chimes in with something like "wow - coolest hand-held scope meter I've used, and still great after all these years" (and is serious, or a REALLY good faker) I'll probably let it pass.

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Well it IS a scope and it does work, but at that price I think I'd much rather buy a new baseline model like say the GW Instek GDS1072 or something...



We used the 97's in our industrial equipment lab at school, and I got the feeling they were much more geared to that purpose, providing isolation and such, lots of power factor measurements and the like. I remember the interface being really clunky to navigate around in.

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Thanks @Rescue Toaster.  from yours and @digger945's comments, it looks like there are better options for the money, especially since my curent need is non-existent.  It was available froma friend, so I thought I'd see if it was somehow an exceptional deal.  It appears not...  Thank you for your help!

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