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akg k271 vs k240

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sorry for so manny  threads, i think and hope this will be my last one. i narowed it down to just 2 headphones



witch one of the 2 headphones are better (akg k271 or akg 240)?

i will not be using an amp! i will use my phone!  (galaxy s)




 "  i like rock such as AC/DC, gunz and roses, pink Floyd, disco panic.

i like folk, jazz, Irish music, western music, some hip hop, and classical music.

as you can see I like a lot of types of music. i like to hear every thing clear, every "side voice"

like in this song:


I want to hear every sound super clear (there are tons of instrument in this song.. that you can barely hear! I want to hear all of them! apart!) "

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For your need, I vote for K271 over K240 simply because it's a closed phone.

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K271 were among my least favorite closed headphone I've owned.   They had some nice qualities (comfort, mids, treble) but the bass was so lacking that music was unbalanced and boring.  And they absolutely need an amp.  Someone else can tell you about K240, but I've found that open headphones consistently sound better than closed headphones.

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Did not end up keeping the K271 either, mainly for lack of bass, although there are those who love it. The K240 MK II will give you better bass and is the one I would use in your circumstance. YMMV.

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my problem is the fact that alot of people are "i love it" and some people are "i hate it"

wtf i know what i want? i like a clear sound so i can hear every thing... the question is will it feet my music or not.. and ihave no clue


btw, both are mkii. witch if im not wrong mean both are 55 ohm. so as far as i know is that they dont need an amp.


btw both have detachable cable right?


(sorry if my english sucks.. i not from the us... trying my best lol)

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I have both of them.

Yes, they both have detachable cable.

They will sound ok (but not great) from your cell phone.

The sound signature of those two are similar, they are good for people who cares about sound of instruments.

The so call "lack of bass" problem (the reason why some may not like it) is more prominent in K240 due to its open design.

So I would suggest K271 out of these two.

However, you may want to try other phones.

If you want to go for closed phones, try Shure SRH840 (even more easier to drive by portable players)


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how open is the 420? i mean how much nois gets in? does the SRH840 have a detachble cable? and will they be better with my fone?
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im gonna buy the k471... just beacuse its closed and i need it for the bus!


does any one know if they realy need an amp? or i can deal without it.


can i get a case for them?

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They don't *need* an amp - but they improve quite a bit with one - even just a CMOY


Jaben sells a "hippocase" that would work well for them. http://jaben.net/shopping2/Hippocase_Big.html

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is the Fiio E3 good engush? will it make it lowder of just sound better?

how big will be the diifence?

(i would have bought the e5 but im missing like 50 dollars for what im gonna buy now.. cant aford to pay much more then that 

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No, I'd probably wait and get a CMoy... get just the phones for now, then save up and get a CMoy (or FiiO E7/11, or similar), avoiding the FiiO E3/5/6.


It will make them sound better. Better bass, more controlled sound.

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i need it very portable (the reson im buying it is for busses and stuff like that)


tnx very much for all of you help. all i need now is to get the money

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It's easy to stack the phone and use (essentially) rubber bands to hold them together. Heavier than phone alone, but still very much portable. I use such a rig on my train/bus every day. 

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i ment the app, so i need it small lol

but your idia is good to lol. aldought does not solve my amp probem

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