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I was really interested in seeing what iRiver was offering these days. What a disappointment! And mistic river gone too? triportsad.gif
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New Irivers are not bad:)

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Ok, compared to what other companies are making today iriver is way behind the times & not worth it. All they do is re-badge the older stuff that was outdated when it was first released.


As for SQ, I've never bothered to get a newer model BECAUSE I've heard from other people on other sites (people that I trust and have similar tastes to mine,...) that their SQ isn't what it used to be. They're not as bad as Creative, but they're not as good as a Cowon, Sony, Samsung, iPod - touch & classic, etc.


Iriver is a dinosaur company waiting for extinction to commence,...


Is THIS a better answer for some?popcorn.gif

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Do iRiver still make a player with a digital output? As I remember, that was their USP.....
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To my knowledge...no.

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How is the sound quality between iRiver E300 vs iPod Classic?
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Originally Posted by cyberalpha11 View Post

How is the sound quality between iRiver E300 vs iPod Classic?


Bump because I have the same question!

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Hi everyone!

I had the oportunity to get the E300 for the price equal aproximetly 60$. I find it so good that soon I ordered another.

I think they sound very good. Not the fastest controls, not the best ui, not so easy to operate, the built quality is ok, but the sound is very good.

I try them against my cowon c2 (with foam modded sennheiser hd 555, without amp) and on flat settings I think they nearly equal. With "sound enhanchments" I think the cowon sounds better.

Iriver seems to be more analitycal, the cowon sound warmer. For me the cowon sound slightly better, but the difference is soo small that the answer to "Wich one sound better?" is the matter of taste. So for the price this is really an outstanding player.

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Do anyone try to compare the E300 vs the S100? I mean sound quality. After several hour of lisening i think that e300 is not as good sounding as cowon C2. 

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they're good players. Thanks for the link to the e300, I might be needing a new dap.


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Technically AK100 and AK120 still iriver DAP.

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