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Originally Posted by Matias View Post

LCD-3F has considerably more resolution and finesse than LCD-2F. This was evident for friends of mine who are not audiophiles and compared both side by side too.



Mine too!


Which is why I stated above that my new-found love for the LCD-2F is strictly based on taste - and I'll say it again:

I don't believe the LCD-2F is superior to the LCD-3F in any way - I'm just really enjoyin' the hell outta my LCD-2F!!


and, the more I use it, now that it's broken in...

The LCD-3F is closing in FAST!!

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Originally Posted by Jones Bob View Post

Not a real upgrade, more of a halfgrade. They replace the stators and add the fazors, but keep the old 45 ohm diaphrams.

The production LCD-3Fs also have improved 110 ohm diaphrams and different dampening.

I dont know If it's a side grade because I never heard the old/classic lcd3, but the statement above is not true: the lcd3 fazored are 110ohm as well and from what I know the drivers of 3f are the same of the classic one

I got this answer directly from audeze
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You seem confused about what I was addressing in my post. That's natural dealing with these headphones. biggrin.gif

The original release of the LCD-3 was known here as the "veiled" version after it was "fixed" by Audeze with what later came to be known here as the LCD-3C or classic. Audeze has not seemed fit to keep track of these changes what for the customer is actually buying, so the different versions have evolved a convention here at Head-Fi to make some sense of the confusion.

Those LCD-3Cs were originally spec'd by Audeze at 55 ohms, later at 45 ohm. I never heard the veiled version but owned (and measured) the 55 ohm LCD-3C.

After the LCD-X was released, new purchasers of LCD-3s noticed that they had also had fazors installed. After inquiring to Audeze about updating mine with fazors, Audeze announced their their fazor upgrade program for the earlier LCD-3s. Audeze originally quoted a price of $250 for this "upgrade". They explicitly stated that they would change out stators and add fazors but would not upgrade to the 110 ohm diaphram. That is why I called those sent in and serviced with fazors without the new diaphram a "side grade", not an true upgrade to what was currently being manufactured and sold.

Note: some customers who had a driver problem sent in for warranty work received a fazored 110ohm version back. Those have been truly upgraded to LCD-3F spec.

I home auditioned for a few days, a pair of the new LCD-3Fs from a local dealer and compared to my LCD-3Cs. I took back the demo headphones and bought a new in box pair of LCD-3s with a build in March 2014. And lived happily with them ever since.

Until I bought my Stax SR-009s. smily_headphones1.gif
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Just re-read the mail from audeze telling me that mine as new driver as well
My bad. Sorry
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