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Peaks are defiantely there - no way to take off the pad sorry as it is going to get sold; can't glue it back on afterwards..


I compared to my LCD-3 at home and it is the same feel as the LCD-X and XC - have confirmed it; can't really get a clear picture with the pads on though :(

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From audeze support


"We are always improving on our products. We have added the fazor technology to our line many months ago and now they are standard on all of our models."


"We think it makes a difference/improves overall sound quality. Since you have the other ones, perhaps you can AB them to see which you like."

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wow, so is it voiced like the X?

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No idea, it is still very much an LCD-3 with it's warmth; but i haven't compared enough side by side~

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Ok so what if I want to change my drivers to the new ones with the Fazors?
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No idea there were gonna have to ask audeze..
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Holy schiit, can somebody post the FR plot of newest LCD-3 with fazors?

Much appreciated!

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They probably already have without knowing it
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This kind of practice sometime makes me want to sell my Audezes and never look back at this brand. Ever again.

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It is strange, but i love them too much :)


From what i have seen they are great with support too.. they may even upgrade it for you; who knows? hard to say without asking..

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I'm not sure what to think. When the LCDX came out I was on the point of buying the 3 and decided not to until I had some idea of their differences. Based on comparative reviews and impressions it emerged they had quite different characters, and these confirmed for me the 3 is more likely what I would prefer.

It now seems these characterizations don't apply: the 3 has likely converged toward the X and all the comparisons have to be redone eek.gif

Well I guess if I buy the 3 now at least I won't wonder what I missed out on with 'technology X' - only what I might be missing from the 'original 3'!
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I've had the opportunity to listen to all three models (LCD-X, "old" LCD-3, and "new" LCD-3). If we're talking strictly about that smooth, almost dark Audeze sound signature, I feel like they fall onto the spectrum like so:


Creamy <- - - "old" LCD3 - - "new" LCD3 - - - - - - LCDX - - - > Airy


which is actually perfect for me, as the old LCD3 needed just a dab more openness, but the LCDX was like a faint reminder of the HD800 which was painful on many setups. 

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I purchased an LCD-X over a month ago,had it for a couple weeks and found it lacked the silky smooth Audeze sound.I know have the LCD-3 and MUCH prefer it's sound,don't care about specs or the newer technology,for me the the X's are gone and I am happy with the LCD-3:)
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I can't see ever getting rid of my LCD3s. I would like to audition the X just to see how they compare, but as nice as my phones sound I just am not seriously motivated to do so. Well the $8000 in AMT that just got stolen from me doesn't help either... Ouch.  :0(

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Originally Posted by citraian View Post

This kind of practice sometime makes me want to sell my Audezes and never look back at this brand. Ever again.

Why? Audeze updated a product - nothing unusual there.
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