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Sennheiser CX 475

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 I found out through this site as well as the sennheiser website that these are a best buy exclusive. That scares alot of included. I got them on sale for 40 dollars at best buy about 2 1/2 months ago. I tried to research them before I bought them, but there wasn't anything on them on head-fi or any other website I trust. So I would like to do my part and provide information and impressions on them.


Let me list some of my items i own for portable audio. I don't consider myself an expert, nor do I consider myself an audiophile. I just really love headphones. Ok. I have an ipod touch 4g witch has lots of music on it mostly(70%) bought legidimitly from itunes. so whatever bit rate that is...I dont have and lossless music on it. I don't use any headphone amp either. i own the shure se530, the shure se215, the sennheiser cx 150 and used to own the monster turbine(originals). 


Moving on. The cx 475's are bass focused IEM's. They have an opened housing design. Meaning basically, they have a bass port. This will affect the amount of isolation you achieve. Honestly though it's not even enough to be concerned with. If your listening to music at half volume you can't hear anything else around you. Bass impact and quantity is very impressive. Dubstep is pounding and entrancing. Heavy metal double bass is very present, and a simple hip hop beat is punchy and groovy. Bass detail and clarity are a bit lacking, compared to the se215's. Bass Extention or range is good not the best but just fine. se215 is better. Speed is slower than the se215 as well. But i think that those little hickups are not a big deal at all. these have SOLID bass overall. 


the mids do get the back seat to the bass. a little recessed. I actually love a "U" shaped sound signature though so... mids are average in my opinion. won't wow you with them, but wont disappoint you either. Not much else to say here


The highs are fine. They don't have sibilance problems and are forward enough to blend the overall sound well. Detail lacks and the range of the highs seems to be a bit short. no grainyness that i've noticed.


Build Quality is great. plastic housing with rubberish cable. they are light and still seem rugged. I really enjoy the quality i got for 40 dollars.


Fit is good. i gotta say though the cx150's "twist to fit" feature was so nice. I missed it on the cx475's. I do have one problem with the fit though. the nozzle is a large diameter and its short, so trying to get a "DEEP" insertion into the ear canal hurts! because the nozzle is so short, you end up with the body of the cx475 pressed right up against your cartilage surrounding your ear canal. So its good to try and find a large tip that can seal the canal at the opening instead of inside. it can be done. it sucks for me though because im used to and prefer a deep in-canal fit.


Bottom line. Buy them. you won't be disappointed. they are a great value. they hold their own very well against models 3 times their price point. side by side comparison with my se215 and i find im BARELY able to notice improvements in sound going to the se215. and se215's get PRAISE on head-fi. Actually, let me clairify... just bass clarity and detail and an overall more detailed sound also a slightly wider soundstage is improvement over the cx475. they are very fun to listen to and built strong. i can honestly say i would happily recommend them and would have happily paid 75 dollars for them. they are a gem in the sub 100 dollar market. and i suspect will be getting more recognition soon. their performance is what inspired me to write this, since there was nothing on head-fi about them.    



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Nice review, but the thing is all those cx type headphones aren't really iems, they fit on the outer part of the ear more like a regular bud, with the silicon wedged for the seal.  Thats why they are made so shallow, you aren't supposed to jam them in deep.  Generally you should use a larger silicon piece that you think because it isn't supposed to go inside that far.

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Well that may be true, but having had alot more time with them, i find im have no problem getting a deep seal with the smallest tips on. Resting them in the canal just means they're going to fall out easily.
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