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Twag v2 Eclipse - show of BULK SALE interests thread  

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Hey everyone,


This thread is to see how much interests there is if I were to offer TWag v2 Eclipse in bulk sales. I have received so many emails asking if this wire can be purchased for DIY projects that I thought I would see if there was enough interests.


I need to figure out the price. Plus I may offer a pre-order sale that will certainly be inviting. 


A few guidelines:


  1. There will be a minimum per order quantity. 
  2. Dealers are welcome, however the minimum amount will be much higher
  3. Pre-order sale would be in 2 weeks if there is enough interests.
  4. No reduce price for higher quantities unless you are a dealer
  5. There will be the option to buy it in single conductor or quad braid. There will be a fee for braided wire.


So here is your chance. I haven't decided on this yet and your comments might help me make a decision. 


Some examples of cables made form TWag v2 Eclipse:












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I need a lot of wire for my home rig and my portable ones, I would like to purchase at least 40-50 feet, I would go for more if necessary, I think this is a great idea thanks!

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I would be very interested in a bulk purchase of over 500 feet depending on the gauge, hopefully 24AWG let me know!

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Thanks everyone for the posts. I'm still trying to gauge everyone's interests. So I will have more details in the coming week. 




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What Gauge's will be available?  I thought that 24/26 was it but I would be interested in larger AWGs if possible.  Unless you do not think TWag v2 eclipse would be a conductor that applies for power cables, I wanted to see if a high-end wire would sound better if I used it in all of my ICs including power, RCAs etc.  Thanks!  I would love to purchase from you as this is my favorite wire to date, I do like Moon Audio's Dragon Silver wire but for some reason this had better sub-bass in my opinion!

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I might be interested too. Is this still on?

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Yeah nothing is too late. Im still trying to gather enough interests. I may run a 2 days only sale. So stay tuned.


I should know by the end of this week. 


Just so you know. Its only for 26 gauge stranded TWag v2 Eclipse. Many have asked if we were selling anything else in the TWag lineup and we are not.


Bulk Wire:

Twcu 26




If anyone has questions, please email me at csanborn@whiplashaudio.com





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Please keep me posted, I have a lot of home projects that I want to get to and if it is only a two day sell my original post is most likely around what I need, I will take measurements tonight and get a better idea but always only available in 26 AWG for just TWag or does this include the SCSag or TWcu?  And are there any options on the color of wire's shielding?  I know that TWag v2 is black but is there clear, thank you pls keep me posted!

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Depending on the price, I would be interested in either buying an average or very large quantity of TWag V2, either in black or white.

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me tooooo

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Does 25 feet count as a large quantity? If so, I am interested.

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Craig, is the Twag V2 bulk sales open? Been a while since we last hear anything from you. I am very interested in getting some for my LCD-2.

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