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Ios 5 download misery

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Has anyone here successfully downloaded Ios 5 on an Ipad 2 yet?

Boy apple must have underestimated the volume of downloads since there servers seem to be taxed to the max.

A 4 hour download time is just out of hand...



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even better is when you go to update itunes first.  the download takes FOREVER, then once it downloads, it tries to install, tells me there is an error and it cant install, and when i go to try again, it restarts the download  -


they make these download managers as if they are supposed to be helpful when in reality all they do is complicate and screw up what is usually a very straightforward process



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I've installed fresh Windows OS's more easily then this....

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Steve Jobs Dies and apple is already falling apart.. mmm hmmm 

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My iPod Touch just lost all the apps that was on there... angry_face.gif

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I am still on 4.2, but I went ahead and updated a bunch of apps and one of the Goodreader no longer works under 4.2. I guess I need to upgrade to iOS5, but you guys are not giving me much confidence.

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I had updated iTunes before the launch date and the iOS download took me only about 15 minutes. Guess I was lucky.


At first I also saw that all my 3rd-party apps were "gone" but iTunes was actually restoring them one-by-one and no data were lost, not even game saves.

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Successfully updated my ipod touch 4G in 5 minutes without a second try. :)

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I'm writing this on my iPad2 runnig iOS5, although i must confess the upgrade to iTunes was taking much longer than anticipated so i downloaded iTunes straight from the website instead of the update server and managed to download iOS5 via the update server in 30mins flat. Pretty fuss-free from there.


Loving the tabbed browsing using Safari i must say.

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It took a while but my iPhone 3GS worked first time. My mother's iPod Touch 4G took 2 attempts as I got the 3200 server error the first time. I didn't have any problems during the install process or lose any apps/emails/data etc.

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I had already upgraded iTunes yesterday morning, but last night about 21:15 I started the iOS5 update and it was finally finished at 23:30. A couple of error messages in the last 20 minutes, but now everything is fine.

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How is it Cover Flow doing for you guys ? On my iPhone 3GS it's sluggish as hell.

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No thanks Apple, Ill update when untethered jailbreak is available.

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Originally Posted by elfary View Post

How is it Cover Flow doing for you guys ? On my iPhone 3GS it's sluggish as hell.

Seems to work fine for me on a Touch 4G. Then again, I never browse the library like that, so I couldn't say whether  it has slowed down or not.

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Im really tempted to update to iOS 5 then jailbreak later....


whats more important: SB Settings, installous (mostly games, hardly play them but its nice to have them sometimes, e.g. FIFA12) VS iOS 5 features....



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