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For Sale: VSonic GR-07

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For Sale:
VSonic GR-07

Will Ship To: Anywhere

VSonic GR07 bought from authorized seller off Ebay. Burned in, but barely used. Condition is excellent, original packaging included. only medium tips are used, but all are included. Condition 9/10. 145 Shipped Priority Mail in the USA. Any other shipping is negotiable. 

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Interested. new version or old version? when did you get this?


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I never even knew there was a new or old version of these, what's the difference? Either way, these are quite tempting.

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Old version prob. These are one of the first batches made. But spent most of their time in a drawer.

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would you mind to upload more pics, including all the accessories? thxetysmile.gif

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So they're "probably" the new version, but again, what exactly does that mean? I'm interested in these IEMs, but I'd like to know if there's any differences between the two versions :-) Even Skymj, would you be willing to say what the differences are between the versions you mentioned?
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I think the difference between the old/new version is the cable.

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Nope. The only difference is that the 'new' versions come in different colors. Also,the packaging includes more tips. The GR07 is a steal at below $150...get it now

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Sweet, so sonically there's no difference :-) Hmmm...

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