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For Sale: PB-2

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling my Silver PB-2. Cosmetically it is perfect.  However the PB-2's battery only holds a one hour charge but plugged into the ac outlet it keeps on forever.  The sound is sublime and if you have Hi-Flight's kit it's a true contender with the SR-71B.  Comes with all accessories.  Selling for $125 + shipping and 3% paypal fees.  Please have feedback and verified paypal.  (New posters will be ignored).  Not looking for trades, thank you.


*With the warranty card you can send it to Ibasso and they will look it over.  Most will be a $30 charge for a new battery and shipping of course but major savings over a new one.*

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Can you post some pictures.


Thank you

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Is there a chance that you might sell the DB2 separately?
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Not atm, really want to sell as a combo.

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Selling PB-2 only.

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*Price Drop* $125 + shipping & 3% Fees.

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