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Shure SRH750dj Vs. Denon DNHP700

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Im trying to decide which one to buy, main applications will me music, monitoring, and gaming. Would like for someone that owns both of then to compare their sound quality for gaming, Durability, and Comfort. Would appreciate any advice. 

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I wouldn't go for the HP700 if comfort is important. I'm not usually one to whine about it but those were bad, unless you have baby ears you'll have trouble wearing them more then 45 minutes. And for such bass heavy headphones the bass quality wasn't that hot.

Haven't tried the 750dj, but I tried the 550 and the soundstage was kind of weird on those. Not sure how good it's going to be for gaming.

If you want a Denon sound I think you should check out the Creative Aurvana Live! Personally for bass + soundstage + midrange clarity under $100 I really like the Koss Pro DJ100, and if you don't need something closed and want to save a few bucks the Panasonic HTF-600 is solid too.

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First of all, thank you for your feedback, what you said about the HP700 not having the best comfort, I have heard has been true, but i have also heard that you need to stretch the headphones on a box or something to relieve the stress on the headphones. I am more concerned about the difference in comfort between the Shure and the Denon. You say that you have tried the 550, can you tell me more about it's comfort?


I forgot to mention that size is also a factor that I consider, and would like something that isn't HUGE, but at the same time, large and sturdy. For that reason, I don't like the Koss Dj100. 


Adding more preferences, i would like a tangle-free cable, coiled or braided, im fine with both. A detachable cord would also be nice, but i will consider it if the other aspects are good. I like the DJ styles for their ability to collapse, and the wide range of movement they offer. My budget is about $100 on Amazon. I am willing to extend my budget to 120 if that is required. 

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I was using the 750djs pads with them, and I thought were Shures were a lot more comfortable since the pads are deeper and fit around your ears better. I didn't like them for a portable though, they're the exact same size as the DJ100s only the headband is ridiculous. You can pretty much stick your arm through the gap it leaves on the side of your head!


If you can put up with the comfort the HP700s aren't bad at all, they're pretty small and sturdy and fold up well. You could check this thread out too, might be something else decent out there.

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