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For Sale: FS: Vintage Orthos - FOSTEX- T10, T20v1, T20v2 // YAMAHA- YHD1, YH100

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For Sale:
FS: Vintage Orthos - FOSTEX- T10, T20v1, T20v2 // YAMAHA- YHD1, YH100

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm going to sell a bunch of my vintage orthos, as I just have too many headphones and I feel crazy.  I'm about 96% certain that I prefer the Yamahas and I haven't listened to these Fostex in a little while.  Prices do not include shipping.  Which is 10-17 per box depending on which phones, to the CONUS, which is preferred but not required.  Paypal as gift or add 4%.  I don't want to take pictures I just don't have the ability to do that right now.  We all know what these look like and I'll back up what I've said here.  If you get them not as described I'll give you a discount or you can return them.  Since these are all very rare headphones, if multiple people are interested preference is given to folks in the ortho thread wink.gif  If you buy multiple phones I'll give you free shipping. 


Fostex T10


100  90.  These are recabled with the best recable job I've ever seen, done by the ortho whisperer dBel84.  The reason it's so great is that it looks and feels like a stock cable.  I think it's Canare or Mogami.  In a really hectic emergency move recently (other people had to pack up all my stuff redface.gif) I lost track of the screws that connect the baffle to the cups but you could find more that fit or fill the holes and redrill.  They will come with a T20v1 headband assembly in good shape (exact same thing as the the T10 headband except it says T20 on the side)  They are in good shape except for the screws and the usual wear to the pads.  I can include R10 pads as well if you want.  The T10 pads are attached with light adhesive.  I would sell these for 150 esp since they are recabled, but I'm taking 50 dollars off because of the screws missing. 


SOLD Fostex T20v2 and T20v1


65 for both together.  I'd prefer to sell them together.  The T20v2 is in good shape for it's age except that one of the cups swivels freely on the headband.  I've had 5 pairs of these and seen this on 3 of them.  It's not that big a deal.  There's some flaking on the pads which is normal.  Will come with stock damping except that I removed the stock paper behind the driver.  Comes with the screws.  The T20v1 is missing it's baffle/cup screws similar to the T10 :-(  which is why I'm throwing it in with the v2 for cheap.  It will also come with an extra set of drivers/baffle/cable.  This extra set has an intermmitent connection problem in one of the drivers (it sounds fine most of the time, but sometimes one channel looses connection), so it's a good backup or for use in experiments.  The main set of drivers is perfect, no problems. 


SOLD Fostex T20v2


20 + shipping.  This is another set of T20v2 (I bought a bunch of them from a studio)  It is in good shape except for a dab of hot glue on one earcup.  Aside from that it was the best condition pair of the 4 I bought.  It is so cheap because I'm selling it without the stock damping foam and with no earpads.  I want to keep both of those for my modding supplies.  But it's great for modding or pad rolling or to use your own damping.  The drivers and everything else are in great shape. 


Yamaha YHD1


100  90.  I may sell 2 of these.  Both in good shape.  The usual wear to the leather headband and aging internal foam (happens to all of them, it's an easy job to remove, and it doesn't get into the drivers because they have paper filters on both sides.)   The leather headbands are NOT broken, and there's nothing else to report about them.  They don't include the 1/4" adapters. 


SOLD Yamaha YH100


200.  Comes with box, and is in like new condition, except for a bit of white paint on the cable at one point.  No damage, just a bit of white paint and it's far from the headphones.  Pads are like new, which means these weren't used much if at all because the pads show it if they were used.  They were stored in the box most of their life, and so the headband is a bit stretched out.  I couldn't figure out how to take them apart to bend the headband tighter but it would be an easy job if you do. 



TRADES:  I'd love to trade for a Yamaha HP-50...


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If I weren't so far behind on all my other projects, I'd be tempted to grab some more orthos for transplants... rolleyes.gif

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All that's missing is the screws that hold cups to baffle, these don't need to be transplanted.  I'm kicking myself for loosing them, I had it all organized, and I kept the headphones and most of my accessories with me, but the screws were in a drawer which was packed by someone else and not labeled.  I probably still have them, and I tried to find them, but it's a couple ziplock bags of screws in a huge pile of boxes in storage...

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Ah, but I'm still itching to try an ortho driver in an Ultrasone shell. Well, that plus my not-so-secret plan to put one in a Beats Studio and replace the noise cancelling circuit with an amp of some sort... (e6? pa2v2?) ph34r.gif

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send me an offer.  These are all very hard to find I'm surprised they haven't sold.  Is it the missing screws?

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Pretty curious about the YH100, how do they sound in comparison to the Denon D2000?

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Hey Citrus.  Just to be clear, it's the YH100.  In stock form, I'd say that the D2000 will sound better because it is a finished product.  With the YH100, you get a different kind of driver (arguably better) but an unfinished housing.  So if you're up for some tinkering and modding, they probably have more potential, depending on your sound preferences of course.  I can include enough felt for the basic damping scheme of felt in back of cups and against driver.  But it'll just be one kind of felt and you'll probably have to try some other kinds of materials or felts to tune them to your tastes. 

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I'll sell all the Fostexen together for 150. 

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WHAT? !!! 


seriously the T10 and T20v1 are some of the best vintage orthos out there eek.gif  ..dB

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I know, 150 is a crazy deal for the T10, T20v1 and T20v2.  I'm not sure I even want to go through with that price.  Might rather give them away.  blink.gif

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So nearly tempted... except for that %$#@ speedtrap last week frown.gif

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Gah, I've been planning on getting the T20 combo as soon as I got some birthday money from my godmother, but I haven't seen her for two months. Reserve? There's like no way I'd back out.biggrin.gif The T10 is incredibly tempting too...I've been looking for one for the past two years. Curse this lack of funds! There's so much I want to try with them.

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Sorry Ishcabible, an ortho ninja wanted all the T20's and he's a good guy with a good cause so they're sold. 


The T10 and YHD1's are still available.  And I will be selling a YH1 and HP1 soon.  One stock and one highly modified.



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I updated some details about the T10.  They will come with a T20v1 headband assembly which is in good shape.  It's exactly the same as the T10 headband assembly, it just has "T20" badges on the side.  But this assembly is in better condition than the one that came with this T10 when I got it. 

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