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For Sale:
Trade: Audioengine A5 for some set of passive speakers

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have a set of Audioengine A5 powered speakers. Right now they go to my Gamma 2 full++, but I have a bunch of problems with the volume because the A5's have headphone level input instead of line-level input.

I'm looking to trade for some passive bookshelf speakers, preferably with an amp, though the amp doesnt need to be amazing as I plan to build one (or a few) myself. Just need an amp to start off with, or even borrow till christmas-ish time.

I put almost 1 year of use on these speakers, though they've scarcely been played longer than 100 hours. They have a couple scratches up top but asside from that I have just about everything they came with in terms of cables.

I'd like to trade for a set of speakers with equal reputation to the A5's, but passive and with some amp to get me going.