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colorful (girly....?) headphones under $70?

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Hey guys.


I'm looking for a pair of headphones for one friend, and she likes colors and stuff. I was wondering if there is something like a colorful pair of headphones, that at the same time sound good.


I don't really want skullcandy, but if that's all there is, I'll take it, what the heck. My budget is $70 bucks.


Any recommendations?

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I've seen some Philips and Sonys with colour schemes and that stuff. I suppose they won't sound bad and for sure better than any Skullcandy.

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Maybe one of those new PiiQ headphones by Sony...?

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Hello Kitty headphones. wink.gif

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What about one of the dynamic Fostex?  They're supposed to be pretty good, and have some suble, but unique colorings.


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The JVC HAS160 pink, purple, white, black, blue.. 41IJrUb0pDL._AA160_.jpg  Make sure it is the HAS160 and not the older HAS150. These sound very proper with full bass included.  Very portable and cheap shocking amount of proper sound on these. I have the black ones and still like to listen to em on my Mp3s..  The Sony Piiqs also are good for the price. 41-RZrSLoZL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

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You could always buy a nice pair a airbrush them, i believe there is a guide in the diy forum. You think she might like wood grados? Not colorful but they look nice, i am not familiar with Grado prives though.
The K420 are blue if she in too that color. There are purple AKG k328 IEM for 60 don't know about the sound but its not going to be bad.
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AiAiAi Tracks? They are super designer-y and colored, sound is well-reviewed too.


AiAiAi Tracks

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There's also the AKG K518 LE that come in multiple colors.  Most of them are under budget on Amazon.


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Aiaiai Tracks!!








Denon 501



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Panasonic RP-HTX7 is a pretty stylish headphone that comes in many different colors. I'm pretty sure you can even paint on the cups if you wanted to. 


Another headphone I find stylish is the ATH-SJ5, although it's not exactly colorful. 

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