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Hey, I was wondering which IEMs would be good for me. I'm looking for something under or around $130. I already have some full size cans (Audio Technica AD700s) so I'm looking for something to compliment them and that I can actually wear outside of my dorm room. I wouldn't mind something that isn't an IEM, but something that is at least ultra-portable. In regards to me wanting them to compliment my current headphones I basically want the opposite of what I have. I want some bass, great quantity and quality, a deep and punchy low end that will hit those notes with some impact. I also do not care about sound stage for these either. It will be used for music only, but it will be for all sorts of music, literally from classical to techno and everything in between (besides country and mainstream rap-I have standards). A little sound isolation would be nice but it is not of the most importance. I wouldn't mind buying/making a portable amp either if you think that is necessary. Any suggestions would be great, thanks guys.

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Brainwavz M2's from amazon usually drop to $60 new.  I own a pair and really love them.  They sound amazing for the price.  The bass is tight, the mids lush, while the highs are just a tad rolled off.  For $60 you cannot go wrong with the Brainwavz M2.  I own many other pairs of IEM's and use the Brainwavz M2's the most because they have the most balanced signature and remain low cost so I do not worry about breaking them or leaving them somewhere.  If you do settle on the M2 be sure to use the Comply tips that come with them or pick some up.  They take T-400's.  These require no amping and an amp just smooths out the sound and brings up the bass and highs a bit, but spending more on an amp for the M2 I just cannot recommend.  Heck, for $120 buy two pairs and have a backup.  They are not super flashy and look like normal in-ear type headphones, but theirs sound is just awesome.


Amazon's Listing


Rated at a 9+ on joker's IEM review page ( )

Excellent sound for the price

Excellent sound stage

Large dynamic driver for clear bass

Excellent mid range

Well built with strain reliefs around the stems of the ear pieces



Highs are a tad rolled off to be considered awesome from bass to treble ( They are not bad, just no as present as say the ER-6i )

Cord is stiff and takes some getting use to

Left/Right notation is not easily visible from afar ( I pained the right ear piece red with some finger nail polish which worked great )

Cord is slightly microphonic during exercise, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a clip

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