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ACS T15 Universal

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anyone know how to import it to usa


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Hope this isn't considered spam, I don't work for ACS but you should speak to Craig Kasper @ ACS USA he should be able to help you;

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seems that Jaben (Singapore) is pretty active in promoting the ACS T15. Probably u can check out their FB page at or drop uncle Wilson a mail. Who knows he can arrange something for you. I heard Jaben (Malaysia) have some stock in hand as of now. Hopefully have a chance to try it out some day.

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thanks a lot zenova,


I m going to purchase these. they were compared with westone 4 and came out equal sounding on singaporean headphone forum

i dont know if i can borrow the link from other site and put it here i mean it's very impressive for a single BA driver to reaching equals to 4 BA's sound quality that made me convinced

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I own a pair of T15 actually and I must say, detail and separation wise, it's equal or even better than my TripleFi 10, however I found the treble to be lacking in the T15 compared to my TripleFi 10 and even my Hippo Shroom. Overall, it's a solid IEM and worth every penny I must say

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you should be able to order these direct from



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Yay!  Mine came in today :)  All I can say is...  Etymotics with more bass presence and body (comparison to the HF series) and slightly more refined treble.!  An analytical listener's paradise :p  LOL.  Back to listening.  Hopefully these things don't change too much during burn in :)

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I just accidentally stumbled on them at Trustedreviews. They gave them 10/10.


How do they compare to GR07? Or the EQ5?

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Originally Posted by A.Mir View Post

I just accidentally stumbled on them at Trustedreviews. They gave them 10/10.


How do they compare to GR07? Or the EQ5?

I wish I had either of those models to compare with :p  I wouldn't go on and say that it's a 10/10, but it'll be close.  They have as much bang for the buck as Etymotics, which is the sound that comes to mind when I heard them.  They have the Ety sound without being Etys.  Think Etys (HF5s) with a little less treble extremes and more bass (about 2-3 dB more) all around (sub-bass all the way up to mid-bass).  Bass body is slightly larger, but relative to the bass quantity, still the same.  Mid range is nearly the same as Etymotic mids...  Except they're small mid-range spike is pushed into the higher frequencies. 

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