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Somehow theres some sort of bobbing to my records. I just bought this thing and had it configured by the guy who sold it to me. I have it playing on a level surface, and the slipmap is flat.


The record is brand new, it definately is not warped because it happens with multiple records.


It bobs up and down (not sure if its normal, this is my first record player) and there is a bitch of fuzz each time it bobs (because the needle is getting more pressure on it at the top of the bob). 


Any suggestions to eliminate or fix this?


Edit: Actually, I think it may be the platter warped?


Not sure my dealer will replace this for me. He seems to think its normal. I dont see how any wobble is normal. He said he tested his platter on it, and had a 1-2mm wobble. Mine seems more like a 4-5mm or more wobble, and there is a bit of static every time the arm hits the wobble.

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