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I've been saving some money for quiet some time and finally i saved enough to buy sennheiser hd 800. I know its quiet demanding on amp and dac so im lost there pretty much. I need a suggestion which route should i take. I have to say that this is going to be my first high end audio setup. It would be great if all of the things could be in the same box because i travel a lot so i can carry it without a problem. I was thinking about getting a dac and amp in the 1k$ price range (headroom desktop) but once i found out good reviews on the headroom ultra desktop and BUDA's  im not sure if i should go that route. What would you recommend and what are your thoughts about those 3 combinations? Is it worth waiting and saving a bit more money to get the ultra one or not? Will i be able to tell the exact differences? Or are there any other solutions besides headroom in that price range?

Im one of the persons that dont like selling stuff and buying others so i would like to buy something that will last a long time and serve me well.

Also, right now, im in Madrid. How high will the price be with the shipping and all taxes included?


Thanks for your time and effort,

Looking forward to your replys!