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IEM recommendation (~$300)

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As usual, a newbie coming to the forums asking for advice.

I've rolled with Creative's EP 630s for about four years now, and when the last pair broke, I decided to try some other in-ears. I went to try two other pairs (both Philips), but they just aren't for me. I've always liked the 630s because of their isolation and comfort, but each pair broke every 6-9 months, no matter how careful I was. And as a player of digital drums (Roland drums) and a bicycle enthusiast, I'm looking for a set of IEMs that insulate well enough so that I don't hear the drums (the sound produced isn't acoustic), manage to make biking soundless (except for the music), and also produce nice audio (mainly for rock/indie rock/pop). I've got a budget of around €200 (~300$), but am willing to increase that if it is highly recommended that I do so.


I've already been doing some looking around, but I'm no expert... Thanks for any advice!

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Welcome to Head-fi, sorry about your wallet! Anyway, if i were you i would shoot for one of the lower end customs, the fit and isolation should be enough for your drums and the better fit means that you won't risk them falling out when you're biking. If you can't locate an audiologist or anything you could try the universal westone 3s.

P.S. is making your biking soundless a good idea? *lalala~~~~ BANG*


Sorry about your wallet,


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Judging from what shigzeo has said about the CK10 and CK100's durability, it has lead me to believe that those two are probably the best to use when doing outdoor activities, such as biking. I can't vouch for what they sound like as I haven't been able to hear either, but I have heard very things about both models.


If you wait a week, I will have the CK100 to give my impressions on :)


And for what it's worth, I wouldn't want an IEM that isolates TOO much while biking. I think something like the ER-4 would have way too much isolation and would be a driving hazard. The CK10 should provide very good isolation.

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If you like a well balanced sound and musical headphone I strongly recommend Ortofon eQ5.

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I will highely recommend the IEMs like UM3x, Westone 4, SM3 V2, EQ-7, GR10 and CK100.

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Thanks for the advice guys! Don't worry about me being a driving hazard, though. I live in Holland and we've got dedicated bicycle lanes all over the country (and everyone's used to bikers).

Main thing I'm looking for is isolation, though (for drumming, as it bleeds through a lot). A decent soundstage would also be nice.


@YRAWolf, what low-end custom would you recommend?

@Mastershake, I won't be buying for some time yet, so I will eagerly await your review :)

@Twinster, ZARIM, thanks for the recommendations :)

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