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I just started to wear glasses so i find all my other full size headphones uncomfortable :(


Well there is no need to put the sad face on since this just opens up for some new gear ^^


I wanted something that i could use with skype, xbox 360 and my samsung galaxy S.. The solution was some in ears with a microphone attached to them and some adapters.


There wasn´t that much to choose from here where i live..There was the A-jays and the Nocs ns200..I went for the A-jays

Did i pick the right one?


Well the sound from these rather small buds is pretty impressive. Actually im a bit impressed, they sound ALOT. By that i mean that you get some impressive punch and okey clarity in the highs. Sq reminds me a bit of the AKG k518 which for me sounds very fun, not correct but fun!


Since these buds was aimed to cover all my needs its a pretty good allrounder. Soundwise nothing is really bad with them but then again nothing really takes you away. You get alot of sound and alot of rather good quality bass while still keeps the highs and mids at a good level. 


Then there is the ergonomics..Well its okej. I can see where they wanted to go with their flat cables cause they do not tangle. The thing is that the cord itself is rather heavy and transfer alot of noise to the bud itself. This is a problem i find common with buds over all but they do transfer more sound to the bud then average i think. 


They fit my ears very good and they are as i said earlier very small which is good when on the move or stuffed away in your pocket. One problem i did find with the ergonomics is that where the cable enters the bud, there are some rough edges. I don´t mean that in a way that the plastic is badly molded but they are sort of "chopped" off leaving no real strain release for the cable. and some rather sharp edges that can give you some pain if your unlucky. For me personally its not a big issue but i understand if you find this uncomfortable. 


And then there is the mic..Well on my pair it dosn´t work very good. When using skype my friends experience very much noise and the pick up is not very good. It do work well with my phone using an adapter but the noise is till an issue. I will return them and try another pair to see if this is an issue for all the Jays Fours or just my copy. I did not experience any noise of this sort at all with my AKG k370 which i will write some lines about later on.


So overall i like the fun sound these buds gives me, works well with most applications even VOIP and Xbox live when using adpaters and if the mic would work better. I give them 6/10 since they are quite expensive atleast where i live. And that the cord transfer alot of noise. Sound wise i think many people will find them very good sounding with emphasis on bass. 


I did use them with a Nuforce Udac but it didn´t give me that much of a boos when it comes to SQ.


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