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Got a Gamma 2/Gamma 1 F++ connected to my win7 x64 laptop. Problem i'm having is, its retardedly difficult to control volume because of my audioengine A5's. The A5's need to be at the 9:00 position on the volume knob otherwise one speaker cuts out because of circuit design issues. unfortunately, if its at the 9:00 position and I'm less than 2 feet away from it, those suckers are LOUD.

How do I go about universally knocking laptop volume down a fair bit when only programs themselves (fubar+wasapi, firefox) are controlling their own volume? Fubar isnt too big of a problem, as once the volume is set I dont need to worry. But in firefox, if i'm browsing random websites, each website has its own flash player with its own volume setting and I really dont want my ear drums blowing out for such a stupid reason (with headphone use).....

Any ideas?