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Okay guys, I finally have some time to listen to some new music (while I study for AP Calc). I'll just post my comments in bold. biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by FalconP View Post

Things that spring immediately to mind

Voices by Roger Eno


I wasn't familiar with Roger Eno, although I have heard of Brian Eno before. I assume that they are related somehow. What I checked out on youtube I really enjoyed. 


Skys by Mychael Danna


It was okay. I listened to Sky 7


North of Niagara by Mychael Danna and Tim Clement


it's hard for me to critique ambient music. This sounds like watching the sunset on a beach and just relaxing. I'm sure that was the intended purpose, but it doesn't interest me much.


The River by Ketil Bjornstad and David Darling


Wow, this is awesome. Exactly what I was hoping to find.

Originally Posted by JohnFerrier View Post

Philip Glass Glassworks


Very nice. His entire discography sounds like a good listen.

Originally Posted by jimson421 View Post

Check out a  musician named Elliot Carter. I like his Clarinet Concerto, Part 1 and 2. He may be still alive and working but I think of his period is the 1940's and 50's.


I don't like it. I've never liked the clarinet though.


Also a current quartet, by the name of Mosquito Creek, Improvisation # 1. I like to use You Tube to research new music then get the CD's or down load. Sometimes You Tube is fine for a download.


I don't like this either. Freeform has always sounded a bit messy to me.

Continued in my next post because I made a mistake with the quote-train.

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Okay, continuing this quote train. I missed some at the beginning by accident.

Originally Posted by Br777 View Post

brian eno - minimilast and piano driven - one album that comes to mind is music for airports


have it, love it :D


most of P.C. Davidoff's music


very relaxing, a different style than I expected, but I enjoyed it.


liquid mind


pleasant, kinda boring.


akshara weave


I liked this more than I did P.C. Davidoff's music. I'll buy this when I get the chance.

Originally Posted by Sceleris View Post

I'll have a shot. :)


A bit different from the music you posted (which I really enjoyed by the way - thank you), but Yiruma is a very popular Korean pianist whom you might like to look into.


A little too upbeat for my tastes.


Originally Posted by anon ymous View Post

I am a minimalist composer. Check out my tunes on soundcloud, just started uploading so there are only two but i think you will like them.




Anon Ymous

I liked the song "Stone Circles" but I feel that it has a weird filter over the piano that I don't think adds to the song.


Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

There's minimalism and then there's minimalism.  You can have bill evans, who plays sparsely compared to Oscar Peterson, yet can often manage to do more.  Then you have artists/composers who bill themselves as "minimalists" to compensate for the fact that they are untalented.  (Eg Einaudi, who in addition to simplicity is distractingly derivative.)  


I guess it goes without saying that if you're into Satie and Ravel Debussy's piano works would be right up your alley.



*adds Bill Evans to the list.



I'll listen to the rest when I have some free time.

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When you're thinking about checking out Bill Evans, try either Waltz for Debby or sunday at the village vanguard (or ideally, the village vanguard complete sessions 3cd box which contains both CD's including alternate versions). It'll propably fit your tastes just fine.

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The Necks.  Every lover of drone should know them.


A piano trio, one could think of them as acoustic drone.  Every live set is a completely unplanned improvisation.  They don't even talk music together before they go on stage.  One of the band quietly starts something, then the others join in for a set that can last between 40 and 80 minutes.  


Studio albums are more controlled and planned (somewhat) but are still quite free-form and flowing in nature.  They experiment in the studio with layering of electric, electronic and field recorded sounds, which serves to enhance the overall lush textures.


I have over 40 live sets of The Necks I have obtained from dimeadozen.org over the years.  I thought I'd share this recent one, entitled "Sunken" with you.  It's an fm capture and has a little hiss and evidence of earlier file compression.  I got it as flac but to expedite d/l have transcoded it to 400k alac to minimise further loss.  It's quite good sounding nonetheless however compression is apparent to me (listening to flac) in the upper mids and in congestion during denser passages of sound.  I feel this set is a good compromise of sq and a quality introduction to the band, while remaining kosher to share (Mods) on Headfi.  The musical content is on the heavy/dark side of The Necks, which should suit the tastes of some here, but there is a great deal of warmth throughout.  I hope some of you will enjoy this.




I can't say enough good things about this band.  I have days when I listen to nothing but.  Suffice it to say, after listening to them for 20 years, The Necks is my main drug of choice.

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