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For Sale:
FS: Stax SR-303 and SRM-313 (SRS-3030II)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

First and foremost:

I don't smoke, I have no kids, I don't have any dogs (but really love them), cats, or other pets, and take very good care of things. I'll get a quote for shipping if you're interested--Fedex or USPS; prices below are without shipping. For any normal shipping, I'll split it with you. Anything else, I'll still pay whatever half of normal shipping is, but the difference goes to you. PayPal only, not as a gift, and no fees or anything. I've got positive feedback here in the old forum and on my trader feedback page.


Reasonable offers will be entertained.


Stax SRS-3030 Classic System II (the SR-303 and the SRM-313), (SOLD). This set is also in really great shape, except like the Lambda Pro's, the foam dust filter between the inner ear and the pad has rotted away (the dust filter behind the driver assembly is fine). It's presently wired for 120V, and can also be rewired--the crossbar design to route the mains to the transformer is really lovely, and makes it easy to change voltages if that matters to you.


Stax SRD-6/SB, (SOLD). It works fine; it looks fine. Not much to say about it really. It's probably in the best shape of the SRD-6/SB's I've seen.


Stax SR-Lambda Pro, (SOLD). These are in good condition; everything's in great shape (mineral wool, drivers, frames, pads, etc.) with one exception; the dust filter foam has rotted away due to age (as is typical of these). They do still have the porous plastic filter, so dust doesn't get in. They play wonderfully with no discernible channel imbalance.


Stax SRM-1/MK2, "C" version, (SOLD). There aren't any obvious scuffs; it looks really quite lovely. It plays really well too; I rebalanced the channels, as when I bought it, it needed a slight tweak. It's presently wired for 120V; I can rewire it to any voltage you'd like. This isn't the type that has the rear panel access to the voltage; it needs to be popped open and rewired.


I'll toss in the original Japanese-style cables with the amps or a spare generic 125V 10A USA cable if you want. If you buy the SRS-3030, I'll include the SRS-3030 registration sheet.


Please ask if you have any questions.


Thanks for the interest!



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