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For Sale: 120G WhipMOD MINT!!!

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For Sale:
120G WhipMOD MINT!!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling my fiancee's WhipMOD, she made an account and has yet to hit the requirements for selling and I bought it for her anyways lol.  I purchased a 240 for myself and her 120 along with it.  This is in absolute mint condition, she never really got into the whole high-end audio thing and it is essentially collecting dust in a drawer.  It has less than 50 hours of play time and there are literally no scratches on this baby.  The WhipMOD sound is phenomenal but we both are moving into a town home to start our life together and need money over toys.  Thanks.


Also, buyer will either cover shipping or PayPal costs.  I will consider overseas shipping at the buyer's expense because I just recently had a major issue shipping to Malaysia and it cost me over $120 so I do not want that to happen again.  I would actually cover half of the shipping depending on how much I am offered.  I will post pics later but I am selling a lot of stuff now, many portable amps and home high-end audio components.  Thanks and happy shopping!

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Does the price include the WhipLOD too?


Also, do you have any pictures that you can upload of the system?

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Hi instead of the 120gb. is the 240gb up for sale?

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im interested of it with whiplod

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im interested it with whiplod. could you upload some pics?

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