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iriver hd320 vs newer dap

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I was wondering how the h340 still holds its ground compared to newer daps like sflo2  and c30 etc. I've been doing a ton of research on different players and cant decide which one to get. Is the h320's sound quality good enough that i'd be happy saving the $60 dollars instead of getting the sflo2? The sflo's portability is definetly a big plus because the h320 would be a big bulge in my pocket. The better sound quality from the sflo2 makes it the more attractive choice as well. But my question is how much better is the sound quality really, if much at all? Im trying to find a new dap at an affordable price and the price of the sflo2 is right there at the end of what im willing to pay. I also like the memory capacity of the h320 as well, 40gb for $75, cant really beat that.

What are your guys thoughts on h320 vs newer dap? Seems like a good bang for your buck type of player even if it is really outdated

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Sorry to answer so late, but i can add a few things, as i am considering trying to obtain this player.


If your considering the s:flo2, then you know what you are getting into, its the Teclast T51, 8GB memory, can take a maximum MicroSDXC formatted to FAT32 of 64GB until they bring out a 128GB one.  It has a useful playback time of 8 hours, and sounds amazing, and is relatively cheap, however, will never see any more bugs fixed, firmware upgrades and no rockbox.


The Iriver H340 is a old unit, based on a hdd of 40gb, however, it can be rockboxed, and, the most important things, it can take a 240gb or 320gb hdd upgrade, and a 2200mah+ ipod battery.


If your confident you can do these upgrades, sound quaity will be the same i should imagine, but, 320gb, thats a sizeable library you can carry around with you, impressive, even if you only upgrade to the 240gb drive, still impressive, but its not as simple as i make it sound, but i know the 240gb upgrade has been done, but since then, Toshiba has released a 320gb drive, so i am guessing you can upgrade this to a 320gb 1.8" drive using a sata to zif converter that is flat.

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I have H140 and Sflo2.  I listen to both....and keeping both.  They sound different.

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