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For Sale:
FS RSA Protector Silver MINT Condition

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys, I am selling my RSA Protector in MINT condition.  This baby is brand new as any used amp comes.  I will post pictures as soon as possible but there isn't a scratch on it and I only used them for my JH-16's which probably only produced 50 hours of use and I have never used the SE output for more than an hour or so.  I just sold my P-51, bearing payment, and plan on upgrading to the larger SR-71B once I sell this amp.  CONUS but I will consider overseas shipping if buyer covers the cost.  This is an amazing amp and like with my Mustang, I hate to see it go but school is more important and I have way too many amps.


I will also be putting up my PicoSlim, iBasso T3D and most likely my Lisa III along with some home audio DACs and amps which are much higher end.  Thanks!