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Razer Tiamat vs. Steelseries 7H vs. Gamecom 377?

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Ok so I am in a bad situation atm. I need to decide on what headset to use for competitive gaming. I currently own both the Steelseries 7H and the Gamecom 377 but idk which one to use. The Steelseries 7H kinda gives me feedback and the right driver goes out sometimes... and the Gamecom 377 sounds a little bassy. The Steelseries is 7.1 and the Gamecom is Stereo so idk if Stereo is a + for gaming or not. I was looking at the Tiamat and was wondering if that was good too because it's a true 7.1 headset. I have a Studio mic btw (Peavey i100) and I use that as my mic :) it sounds really good.

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For Competitive Gaming:


AD700/K701 + Mic


If you're bent on buying a headset: Sennheiser PC360





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Never buy those crappy so called "competitive gaming headset" from non-audio oriented companies. Any good 2-driver headphones with excellent soundstage give you precise positioning sound.

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None of them are good. Buy the PC350's. They rock. 

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I tend to agree with the posts above me - stay away from that junk labeled 'gaming'. I've had my fair share of them in the past and realized they were ridiculously priced and isn't worth it only to game with.


If it means anything, I've done competitive gaming(mainly CS & TF2 in CEVO/ESEA) aswell, so I understand what you want in a HP/HS.


Take the advice of the others and get a pair of headphones that have good soundstage. Some of the gear that people have used in the past, in the comp. gaming community, are Senn pc 161, pc 350, HD555,and Audio Tech. AD700s. Give them all a try if you get the chance.


EDIT: Didn't read that last line where stated that you already had a mic.

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You can also check this guide to headphone gaming. After reading it, i bought my 350's. biggrin.gif


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I actually heard the tiamats... and yes, they are the best multi driver headphones around.

They have extremely precise positioning when used with a native 7.1 source.

The sound quality however...

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