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Amazon Uk or http://www.thomann.de/nl/hifi_koptelefoon.html

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You can buy from 32 Ohm online and if you're in the area, I think it's worth it to make an appointment.
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There's only a few places in Singapore to test out and buy.

The Adelphi: 
Hi-Fi heaven of Singapore. Just 3 minutes walk from City Hall MRT station. Majority of the mall is Hi-Fi stores, high end speakers, vinyl and headphones can be found there. Also the place where you can locate the Jaben. Typical Singaporean consumers don't even know what this place is, or exist, so the crowd is small, most people you can see there are audiophiles or people looking into buying good stereo set. 

At the 4th floor of The Adelphi. Very Professional staffs, offers packages that sell at good price. Have lots of models and Amps available to be tested. A must to visit if you steps into The Adelphi. The store is either full housed or empty at different times, avoid going there in the evening Currently Jaben is the only place i could find Alessandro too.

Stereo have 2 outlets in the island. One located in Woodlands Causeway Point 4th floor. Another located in Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura 4th floor. Have almost all of the Headphones and IEMs you are looking for. Awesome customer service, friendly staffs, their senior staffs are very professional too. Although lacks Amplifier selections but they sell mainly the iBassos. 

Yes! Both dealers i stated are my favorite, no much more "real" headphones stores i can find here. Farle is quite famous too for their selection of headphones and being the local seller of Cowon, but their service is really bad, unprofessional staffs with wrong attitude. Hope to get off Singapore soon for a holiday trip and get a chance to see other places Hi-Fi Stores in the near future!



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I'm located in Toronto Canada so buying headphone is expensive here


sennheiser stuff go www.razordogdeals.com (he also has ebay store)


recently brought sennheiser hd 598 only 24 duty/tax (flat duty as he stated) from UPS (thats pretty good for UPS)


www.futureshop.ca (sometimes have good deals buy one get one free)


i need a place to get AKG Q701

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