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Your favourite places to buy audio equipment?

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Pretty Self explaining topic. I haven't dealt with lots of places but my favourites so far are definitely these:

Headphone Bar - Vancouver, BC
          Bought my FiiO amps from them.
I live really close so the delivery is only two days or so
The prices can't be beat for most of the products, especially against other Canadian retailers.
I think it's neat how they put Beats by Dre boxes in the window outside of the store but then on the inside it's like audiophile heaven, hopefully it's converted some people!

Unique Squared - Atlanta, GA
          Bought my HD-25 1-ii's from them.
Great prices on eBay. Their website, not so much..
They're not gouging you on shipping.
They put a $54 value on it so I didn't have to pay any duty fees (Big plus for any Canadian)
One thing I don't like is they make all of their auctions private so they're probably bidding you up a bit, but I'm pretty sure they don't bid you over their website prices.

The place where I got my HD558's were nothing special. Average eBay seller, good prices, but I ended up getting a $30 duty fee.

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Addicted to Audio (Kew, Melbourne Australia)


One of the few retailers in Australia who has a fully featured headroom for audition. 

Plus it helps that George, Cornelius and Rendra go the extra mile by spending

lots of time with customers.


Audiophile (Brunswick St, Melbourne)


Grado headquarters Australia!

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Best Buy!  ( >_>)  (<_< )

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Amazon. I can usually have it the next day, and if I don't like it, I can return it.

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Originally Posted by FlatNine View Post

Amazon. I can usually have it the next day, and if I don't like it, I can return it.

Amazon is great, especially how cheap their stuff is basshead.gif

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ebay or craigslist since i always buy used or try to score NOS gear. i also like fixing up stuff. you get more bang for your money when stuff needs fixing and it's a learning experience in the process as well.

for parts i use amazon or parts express.
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Amazon UK




Digital Village UK (a.k.a. DV247)


A bunch of pro audio stores in Madrid




It all depends on what I need and the price of the item in each shop.

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Head-Fi's own buy/sell/trade section is growing on me.


Without it, I most certainly wouldn't have my Stax Lambda setup at a mere $250. I don't even mind that it's used and has a bit of history (rebuilt drivers, among other things); it works, and it works well.


Of course, I'm used to buying used for reasonably expensive gadgetry in general, as it helps me get equipment I normally wouldn't be able to afford buying new.

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32 Ohm Audio in Portland is/was really sweet, but apparently they've mostly shut down and only take appointments now.  Really too bad.

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Audio Asylum

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 Amazon and head-fi rolleyes.gif There are no plpaces to get anything in Dubai really.

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In Vancouver, BC, Canada - The Headphone Bar

While in Singapore - Stereo Electronics and Jaben Headphones =)

Covered pretty well in both countries pretty much =D

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As much as I'd like to support the little guy, Amazon is addicting. Why? It's the return policy. You have a problem they will let you print out a pre-paid label and drop it off somewhere. Then the discounted shipping is deducted out of your refund. Another nice thing is the Amazon Prime shipping.


I also like JR.com when I can call them up and get a discount. They also have good return policies.


B&H is good too, but returns can take awhile to process but not a big deal.


I also like Headroom when they have a sale on an item. I'm a huge fan of their amps which don't seem to be as popular around here anymore. Wonder why.


Buy.com sometimes has good deals on headphone, but I rarely order from them. One time it took them about 2 weeks to give me a credit on a return! Apparently it was not scanned in when returned or something.



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whenever they have something that I'm looking for available, ProAudioStar is my place to go. I bought my TMA-1's there and couldnt be happier with their business. Unlike the big stores today, the staff really know their stuff; its almost like they all have had extensive play time with all their gear.

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